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User Journal

zogger's Journal: whoo whee, heard my mom cuss

Journal by zogger

Allrightee, I am sneaking up on you young farts paying me my soc sec,err..I mean the treasury just printing stuff up, to put this to historical time scale. I am talking to my folks tonight, besides election day it is also my natal notation day ;). Anyway, talk got to the elections and my mom just went ballistic! Dam' funniest stuff I heard in a long time! In all those years, I have NEVER heard my mom swear or cuss, or hardly ever saw her even get much past annoyed into angry. So, she just jumps in [voice mode = elder granny, exicted] "Guess what! I voted for Obama, a black guy, in the US! Ever think that would happen in the US! And I tell you what, I will NEVER vote for those republican assholes again, never! Biggest liars ever, last eight years have been the pits, can't admit when they are wrong..." yada yada yadas..

Not every day you get to hear your mom cussin for the first time! And it sure ain't looking good for the neocons to get my mom all het up like that! She wasn't grassroots, she was *taproots*, at least since JFK when she thought the Ds rolled over and swallowed it and didn't protest the obvious conspiracy, so she switched then, and now she done switched back! If she is annoyed with them, lookout!

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