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zogger's Journal: Are they hiring in the third world? 4 4

Freeking pitiful. Just sold a few feeder calves, prices are dismal, I mean rank/pathetic/almost not worth bothering about. I know prices in the grocery stores though are still high..middlemen and traders are making it, suits sitting in the cities, probably also in line to get their chunk of the billionaire socialist bailout, who knows but I wouldn't bet against it. I went around and looked at prices all over the nation, this is pathetic. You as joe food consumer are being ripped off royally by those folks, because someplace in the literal food chain above the farmer prices get REALLY outrageous. Let it continue, you'll see farmers and ranchers going bust by the thousands daily, then what, download your food? I don't think "second life" food really has that much calories to it. After expenses, I am making way under a buck an hour (NOT joking, literal), so...anyone hiring in the developing world? Wages might be lower but so is the cost of living, that just keeps going up around here. I am only half joking on that point....because I couldn't afford to move anyplace... Right now, I am rooting for a total collapse - I wasn't before, just anticipating it as "most likely to occur", now I think it is absolutely necessary, (because I'm pissed off and I know there isn't any fix to it), there is no magic formula that will work here, because it's the same jerk black suited thieves "in charge" in the headlines who are setting the magic market formulas and policy, the same dudes who got us to this point already, and all that has happened is they got given a lot more actual powers and got handed huge chunks of cheap cash to now go out and derivative and speculate and leverage around and corner some more markets and manipulate prices.

  Let the sucker crash and burn, and then maybe we can get back to the producers actually getting to make a little coin, something fairer than this massive middleman skimming system that has been evolved and is foisted on us as a "good deal".

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Are they hiring in the third world?

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