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netbuzz writes: "Sunday marks the 25th anniversary of Microsoft’s initial public stock offering. While the undertaking was a spectacular success for the company from a financial standpoint and made him fabulously wealthy, then-30-year-old Bill Gates would just as soon have continued to go about his business in private, he told a reporter at the time. If on that day you had bought 100 shares at the offer price of $21 apiece and held on to them for the ensuing quarter of a century, you’d have 28,800 shares today, thanks to nine stock splits."
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Comment: Re:Misleading summary. (Score 1) 623

by zobier (#31397074) Attached to: Whatever Happened To Programming?

I am totally unsurprised that this post was written in a way that may mislead readers into thinking that TFA was a rant written by Prof. Knuth. I am, however, disappoint; then I am left wishing that /.'s comment threading system was more like reddit's so that your comment would have been the first thing that I had read.

Comment: Re:Lifted until? (Score 1) 171

by zobier (#30945244) Attached to: With New SDK, VoIP Over 3G Apps Now Working On iPhone

Apple aren't evil per se, they're a corporation. If people don't like their products they're free to not buy them, hack them, make their own, or bitch and moan. Hardware I buy is _my_ hardware however, (unless I sign some contract waiving my property rights) and I'll do whatever the fuck I want to with it.

The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was.