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Submission + - In Soviet Australia, movies watch you

zobier writes: apc magazine reports that AFACT, the mob responsible for legal action against an Australian ISP which we recently discussed, has hired goons to spy on cinema patrons with night vision equipment in an attempt to crack down on piracy. I wouldn't support any cinemas that I knew to be engaging in this practice. What does Slashdot think?
Christmas Cheer

Submission + - Geeky Christmas pod decorations

zobier writes: "Well, it's that time of year and ppl are decorating their pods at work. Someone in the dev team printed out this ASCII Christmas tree and put it on a whiteboard. That got me to thinking, what if we made a big 3D one as our pod decoration, it's sufficiently geeky and fits with the festive spirit.

Who else has geeky Christmas pod decorations?"

Submission + - Suggestions for new feel-good category

zobier writes: "If you read the first few sub-threads of the recent article about Scott Adams' voice returning you'll notice the need for an inspirational topic icon on /., You may have noticed this anyway.

Some people have suggested a Buddha. While I like Buddhism, I don't feel that it's the most appropriate theme. What are your suggestions for a topic icon for these types of story?


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