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Comment: Re:Open source was never safer (Score 1) 580

by znrt (#46764565) Attached to: How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?

You do realize that encryption is security through obscurity ... right?

i don't think this quote means what you think it does.

Please don't quote shit that you utterly fail to understand.


ActiveX is just a plugin system,

as much as a shotgun against your head is just a metal tube.

the ignorance runs deep here.

don't be so modest. you just contributed a fair share.

Comment: Re:I've made a decision (Score 1) 386

by znrt (#46732573) Attached to: UN Report Reveals Odds of Being Murdered Country By Country

You have to admit, it does seem worse when a kid gets beaten to death for just being gay, as opposed to, say, a kid who is in a gang and gets shot during a drug war. Now, you can argue that there are social reasons why that kid ended up in a gang, and both deaths are sad, but still.

and as opposed to beating your wife to death because you feel she should love you more? or your neighboor because he's a foreigner or worships a different god? or some random villagers because someone ordered to do so? or because a court needed someone to blame and that nigger just happened to be around? or some random guy because you want his moonies or simply because you enjoy doing it? i see no fundamental difference, really.

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by znrt (#46732493) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?

What an asinine comment. So nobody should ever do anything new because, well, it's already been around for decades in some form or another.

no, it's just that if you consistently provide sub-par tools, you shouldn't be all too surprised if you don't immediately get the whole world's attention when you finally get it sort of right (or you believe you do) and manage to offer what others have been using for decades.

Powershell is different from the UNIX shell environment. In some ways things are more difficult, in others much much easier and cleaner.

and in other ways it is totally useless if you don't happen to be running windows.

you might say it's more efficient/cool/whatever than cygwin, but then cygwin has provided windows the decent shell functionality it has been lacking for all those years, people have been building things on that, and it still does so and in a way compatible with a host of other environments, past and reasonably into the future. so if i needed a shell for windows today (i don't) i would choose cygwin over powershell any day.

but you were worried about some quirks. well, if you are a windows only admin then i guess you'll be ok with the new quirks-free powertoy. but i'm guessing the rest of the world will keep doing the stuff they need to get done and for which powershell is no real alternative becaue of it's limited scope.

Comment: Re:I've made a decision (Score 4, Interesting) 386

by znrt (#46722971) Attached to: UN Report Reveals Odds of Being Murdered Country By Country

Most men are killed because of who they are - gay men and transgendered people are frequently killed for how they were born. If you can't distinguish the two, and why one is heinously more severe than the other, you fail as a human being.

you take this way too seriously. for example, the un report doesn't count murders perpetrated in the name of "war on terror" (never actually reconned as a war, so those are plain criminal killings wether prosecuted or not) and this omission alone renders the figures meaningless anyway. just an example of many other ways people get killed without making it to the headlines or fancy un statistics. it's just gossip for gutmenschen (

that said, how considering killing "because of how" fundamentally more heinous and severe than "because of who" is supposed to make a "better" human out of someone is beyond me.

Comment: Re:Outrage fatigue (Score 3, Interesting) 230

by znrt (#46700181) Attached to: Snowden: NSA Spied On Human Rights Workers

it actually smells like veiled propaganda. the naive, 'ordinary people oriented' enfasis on encryption seems to seek regaining trust in commonly used crypto we know might very well be compromised. 'North Korea, terrorists, cyber-actors' are just classical bait words. 'or anyone else' is just scary because whilst apparently warning against nsa, it automatically entitles them to decide that anyone is targetable. and the reference to "the members of the council of europe' is plain hilarous.

did this bs really come from snowden?

Comment: ms should definitely ... (Score 1) 226

by znrt (#46686001) Attached to: Should Microsoft Give Kids Programmable Versions of Office?

... stay away from kids. no need to spoil them so soon. they'll spoil themselves when looking for their first "qualified" job.

fucking outlook has already accomplished that majority of users can't even send/read email the way it's supposed to, just because they have no notion whatsoever of what email is. and i'm sick already of receiving docs from even academics with no notion whatsoever of elementary document layout and information exchange.

methinks it was jobs who said once: give users powerful tools and they will do marvellous things. may well be. give'm office and unleash the real moron they have inside, in full color.

Comment: hi doc (Score 1) 46

by znrt (#46549997) Attached to: Debian Considering Long Term Support for Squeeze

the thing is nobody is trying to sell you anything, here. debian is a gift for you from a dedicated community, but i couldn't care less if you use it or not or prefer another distro or even some propietary product of your liking (talking about scam ads!). the simple idea that someone is trying to "sell" you "debian" is absurd. of course there will be always fanboyism but this is rare for debian in my humble experience.

"just works" is subjective. it describes well my experience with debian (as compared with other distros/oses), but then it's also very vague. for someone else it can mean an easy peasy install out of the box and voilà, there you have your mediacenter running, regardless of the fact that you have to reinstall everything months later because the system "just chokes" or "crawls" or got compromised. for me it means you have a consistent system where you (the user) are in control and that behaves as expected over time. this you only get from systems where reliability is a priority and thus enforce rigurous release methods and policies. this is naturally incompatible with release rush pressure, feature races or marketing fluff of any sort. well, debian is such a system, built for reliability, to "just work". of course not the only one but one of the most prominent examples today indeed.

Comment: peasy (Score 1) 46

by znrt (#46541253) Attached to: Debian Considering Long Term Support for Squeeze

the equivalent of "other's" release is debian's "testing" release. it only becomes the official "stable" release when enough testing has been done and it's deemed stable and mature. that's why debian avoids lots of integration problems other distros suffer and why you might say it "just plain works" in comparision: because it's way more tested.

this was implicit in the answer if you had made use of a couple of neurons. and of course if you'd really wanted to know, you could as well have read it off the debian homepage where it is clearly explained, instead of displaying you utter ignorance and calling others BS just because of your own mental laziness (or because you enjoy being a dick, be my guest).

Comment: graphics card (Score 1) 46

by znrt (#46537419) Attached to: Debian Considering Long Term Support for Squeeze

i too started with woody and never had a problem apart from having to install nvidia driver and a bit of x configuring. it wasn't really that hard and there was more than enough help available on the net, just the frequent kernel recompiling was a bit annoying. maybe it's that my requirements were just that modest, but i'm very grateful that there are still solid and reliable linux distros around like debian. cutting edge fancy distros are nice too but they tend to rot (see ubuntu) and fortunately when that happens you can always return to debian. long life! love it.

Comment: consider... (Score 1) 46

by znrt (#46536999) Attached to: Debian Considering Long Term Support for Squeeze

links on slashdot articles are clickbait by default. use your favorite search engine.

however the article is correct. the title itself makes it pretty obvious that squeeze is a release of debian (why else should it get long term support?) AND the article explicitly relates it to the release number (debian 6). and anyway, if you don't already know what "squeeze" means in the context of debian, why should you bother to read articles about debian at all, let alone coment on them?

please improve your trolling or refrain. this is pathetic. you are smudging the illustrous name of anonymous coward!

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