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Comment Re:Survey bias (Score 1) 111

Precisely. There is no control group for what this person claims. When control groups are considered, these kids actually exhibit the same results. They find a lot more potentially cancerous cells when they screen with sensitive tests that have not been used before.

So what you are saying is that no one thought to compare the death rates? If children are going undiagnosed, in your idea that the cancer rates are the same - then they'll just die - apparently with no one knowing why.

Seriously people, this is some of the stupidest reasoning ever. You figure the children from the control set would just mysteriously dissapear and no one knows about it?

Talk about confirmation bias! deny, then come up with ridiculous proclamations.

So is radiation effects on organisms going to become the new global warming/creationist/moon landing/aliens/chemtrails/water rainbows denialist touchstone?

Comment Re:Survey bias (Score 2) 111

Just so.

In the rest of the world, children do not routinely get several ultrasounds per year to check for thyroid cancer. Is it really suprising that we'd find much more of something we're looking Really Hard to Find?

So what you are saying is that if a child does not get tested for thyroid cancer, the child will cure themselves of it?

Seriuoosly cancer does not work like that most of the time. As in the really rare cases of spontaneous remission.

If in a normal population, of say 100,000 children let's say 5 get thyroid cancer

If these children in Fukushima get 25 cases for everty 100,000 children, and that is survey bias, and there is no statistical difference, Your thesis is that either testing causes thyroid cancer, or that the 20 extra children in teh unexposed set miraculously got better.

Christ man - get you ass back to infowars - because that's the craziest shit I ever heard.

Comment Its that nre I in the mailroom! (Score 1) 473

So let me get this straight. The mechanics of the car did not make pollution specs. So instead of the mechanical people having to fix it, software engineers decided that they would cheat and make it look like the mechanical engineers at VW were all on the up and up. Like the smartest person in school deciding they were going to cheat when they had no reason to cheat.

Look VW - if you are going to sit their and lie through your teeth, at least make it a credible lie.

This lie? It makes no sense.

Comment Re:Consumers reject advertising (Score 2) 286

The reason companies advertise is to generate name recognition and ultimately sales. And if advertisements did not increase sales or derivative income companies, both large and small, would not be spending billions of dollars a year placing ads. Google is an advertising firm not a technology firm. Their technology efforts are centered around increasing the number of users to feed advertisements to. Most of their attempts to generate revenue from other services or products do not even come close to the amount of money they generate by serving as a conduit for advertisements. There are already ways to block the majority of ads and unwanted content if that is your preference. However if Googles revenue starts declining don't be surprised when they start charging money for all of their current services which are currently offered for free to regular users. Every major browser and search engine also rely on advertising income to support their efforts.

Well, then they damn well better fix that eh?

I hate eating Pork bungs (The pig's asshole)

Now some advertiser really really wants me to eat pork bungs (the pig's asshole) I don't give a flying fuck if an advertizer will die if I don't eat pork bungs.

I won't do it, I don't give a damn if every provider of Pig's assholes (present day web advertisements) starves to death and goes out of business, In fact, I would be very pleased to find out that happened.

They caused this problem, and it is not my responsibility to eat a pig's asshole just so they can make me eat more Pig's assholes.

Comment Re:Why would I help Google with 'open source'? (Score 1) 91

Here's the result: uncached load (first visit) with ads: 2.4MB data, 26s (!) until the display goes from white to some content uncached load (first visit) without ads: 1.7MB data, 11s until the display goes from white to some content cached load (second visit) with ads: 272KB data, 2s cached load (second visit) without ads: 45KB data, 2s

A friend had a similar experience - He opened a webpage both ways, and to see a roughly 500 word page, without blocking he received 40 MBytes of all the other presents they give us.

Comment Re:Won't fly with companies (Score 2) 91

This'll be great for individuals, but companies won't accept it.

Then again, they won't accept your solutions either.

The web has a serious problem. The web is broken.

The present day over-commercialization of the web, with tracking and intrusive ads, and making search engines approach worthlessness; and as ad-blockers and script blockers are breaking out of the province of nerds, and onto regular folks machines, is showing the "target's" growing rebellion.

And even though Joe Sixpack might not understand the tracking, he does understand that his webpages are taking a long time to load, and up pops an advertisement for something he already bought. So Joe's geeky friend "who know's this stuff", tells him about the adblocking and noscript add-ons, maybe even installs a hostfile. And Joe is happy. Tells all his friends, and its off to the races.

I know this because I'm the geeky friend, and I've been installing adblockers and noscript, persistent cookie killers and even a few hostsfiles on friend's computers. Happy people, who wern't so much anti-ad, but just wanted acceptable performance

Google's well aware of the brewing web revolution, and trying to figure out what to do about it. I already have.

Comment Re:Ya know there is a reason (Score 1) 153

Ya know, looking @ the bigger picture,, There must be a reason why automakers dont incorporate this in their vehicles now.. Privacy issues? Whats next??

Could even be some liability issues. OnStar, GM's custom spying service that is on even when you don't pay for it, used to brag about how they could disable stolen vehicles, unlock your car for you, and analyze any problems while you are driving, among some other things.

Basically, they had control of your vehicle, and could listen in on you any time they wanted to.

Now just imagine if they disabled the wrong vehicle - which disengages the accelerator pedal, and while disabled, someone rams into you while you're parked on the side of the road, and suddenly you have a lawsuit that would make Marcus and Mack cum in their pants.

And what if their vaunted "We noticed you stopped really quickly - should we call 911 for you?" service fails and someone suffers bad problems because it failed.

I like the idea of moving diagnostics, but that wouldn't have to be intrusive, something you could power up and down. OnStar takes a bit of effort to kill it.

Comment Re: DEA declares running illegal (Score 3, Informative) 112

But where I first heard of th econnection was in a fascinating book written by Mark Vonnegut (son of Kurt) called "The Eden Express". In th elate 60's early 70's, he was living the good hippie life in Western Canada, and went schizophrenic, twice. He was eventually cured - dunno if that was the right word - but he's now a pretty well known pediatrician. But his issues largly stemmed from diet along with a predisposition to the issue. He noted that the cruel aspect of it was that it started by trying to be "good", and not cruel, so eating meat was a bad thing. So he got into a positive feedback loop

Here's an old article from People magazine 1975 :

Comment Football! (Score 1) 174

Is no longer a sport of teams, it's a sport of young, mostly male fantasy league players, most of whom have a gambling addiction.

Listen to ESPN radio ot Television. Most commercials are for Fanduel and Draft Kings. I have a sneaking suspicion that one or th eother may eventually own ESPN - Maybe a double or nothing with Disney.

Gambling has always been a big part of sports. Fantasy leagues are turning gambling into the only thing.

Comment Re:And you call the Americans anti-science (Score 1) 330

I am more concerned one day they screw up and their transgenic crops do pollinate / seed in the wild. They displace natural varieties without anyone noticing until its to late. Finally the genes to make them sterile or only grow in the presence of certain chemicals etc do get flipped back on and we have massive crop losses in a staple food product like maize.

You read too much Michael Crichton. Many things might happen.

Are you concerned about people starving? We've put off Malthus many times, but that doesn't mean he will always be wrong.

FWIW, I eat organic because I can afford it, and it's what my family has always done. I harbor no illusions that we can feed the world in that manner.

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