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by zm (#47136737) Attached to: HR Chief: Google Sexual, Racial Diversity "Not Where We Want to Be"

In his memoir My Grandfather’s Son, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas pointed to his years at Yale Law School as the genesis of his hostility to affirmative action. “Before long I realized that those blacks who benefitted from it were being judged by a double standard,” Thomas wrote. “As much as it stung to be told that I’d done well in the seminary despite my race, it was far worse to feel that I was now at Yale because of it.”

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by zm (#46925025) Attached to: Chernobyl's Sarcophagus, Redux

The core melted a hole through the ground deep enough to hit the water table where it exploded on contact with water, then caused a steam explosion that was so powerful some of the material hit the jet stream. The heat continued causing hydrogen build up and further hydrogen explosions.


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