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Comment I am Muyiwa Ige, son of the late chief Bola Ige (Score 2, Funny) 91


ATTN.: sir,
I got your contact through email business directory and decided to send my proposal to you. I am MUYIWA IGE the first son of the late chief BOLA IGE,the attorney general of th e fedeal rebulic of Nigeria who was killed by hired assasin on the 23rd of december 2001 by an unidentified gun men believed to be link to our government of which it is a daily case going on in my country;s dailies now.

Two months ago he was attempted to be murdered but unfortunately God speared his life for us.It was then he had to reveal some vital informations as regards his life to me before he was finally killed in december. All accounts belonging to my father both local and abroad had been frozen and his investments seized by the government believing in thier false allegation that he made away of $2 billion dollars of (NEPA)national electricity power authority of which i know is just a ploy to eliminate him by the people in power that he is fustrating thier evil intentions through the human right pubic hearing for violation of right and cruelsome killings during the military regime to carry out thier traits to suffer the mases for thier selfish interest instead of the interest of the nation.We are now in a dileman as ou live are in danger till after the investigations.

Two weeks to the christmas holiday in 2001 being on the 4th of december,my dad spoke to me at lenght about life and it realities .He told me he deposited a trunk box containing us$25.5m with a security in EAUROPE(UK) all in the aim of retrieving it himself before he was finally killed before the christmas. According to him the content of the box was registered as government classified papers with his influence and was moved out of my country through diplomatic courrier.He wanted to safeguard the funds for foriegn investment after his retirement before he was killed.

In the light of this as the next of kin i am now contacting you a foreigner to assist ME in retrieving the boxes and depositing of the fund into your foreign account hence the need to contact you. I and my mother had agreed to give you 30% of the fund for your assistance and 10% for any expenses you might incur in the course of this transaction, we want to believe that you will not sit on the money when paid into your account. I want you to understand that there is no risk involve as we have worked out modalities for the smooth actualization of this goal. The boxes presently is in a security vault of this company in their offshore office in SPAIN.i will require the following for effecting the documents of claim and identification.:

1] Your driving license to assure us of your person

2] Your private telephone and fax numbers.

I will send the following:
3] The receipt of the ware bill used in sending the boxes
4] The deposit certificate

All these will be send through YOUR FAX NUMBER then you will proceed for claim after due schedule with

I wish to state here that we are left with nothing as we survive by the grace of God. I hope you understand our predicament so as to save me and my family from hopeless future (S.O.S.)

All contacts for now should be through my personal email address for security reasons.

Waiting your urgent response.

Best regards,



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