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Comment Clearly the only correct response to this is... (Score 1) 157

It only "failed" because everyone is not doing it. The corruption and system gaming will magically go away when everyone is forced into this wonderful scheme. After all, without everyone being forced into the game, there'll still be cash out there that is not available for hoovering up into the right pockets.

Comment Re:Is K-12 CS really necessary? (Score 2) 184

You may be surprised to find that CS is pretty much alone in majors and minors at university that carry absolutely no pre-requisite or recommended program of study involving CS. Music, Arts, Natural Sciences, Languages, Engineering, they all require evidence of prior learning associated with the discipline. Not so CS. CS and Engineering schools care less if you have done CS, they want Calculus and Physics, not AP or IB CS and it is rare that they consider Junior College work with too much seriousness either.

That's what needs to be changed. If it isn't then the current wave of interest will wither as it has before.

Comment It used to be... (Score 1) 306

That people were not pushed to University. Now that are being pushed, cajoled and threatened to go in that direction. Not only that, anything that isn't a STEM degree is touted as worthless.

It also used to be that employers trained their employees; be they young apprentices or fresh and clueless out of uni.

It also used to be that people valued education in and of itself (to some degree) and did not treat it as a checkbox system, where everything taught could be forgotten after the box had been checked. Seriously, ask some of these "straight A" planks anything that they should know, as it was in their syllabus, they got an "A" on the test, and then claim they've never heard of it, or that it doesn't matter, they'll just google it.

Now, more than ever, people are treated as mere mindless widgets. Not that that didn't happen before, but it's pretty much the norm today, when in a past era or few it wasn't.

Comment Microsoft or no, it's a complete waste of time (Score 1) 166

Why? Not H1B's although that is amusing to consider how it will screw local hopefuls beyond their wildest dreams. But rather, the natural progression is to university CS and related programs. And here's the catch. They demand Calculus + Physics, and only give token (if any) consideration to what you did in CS in grade school. Not even AP and/or IB CS is all that well respected, if it is respected at all.

Until the Universities care, it's all a vast waste of time, effort and money.

Comment Re:Ability to multitask (Score 5, Informative) 109

Zheng Wang, Illinois University is but one of a throng of people that have debunked the bollocks that is multi-tasking.

Multitasking is only possible if at least one of the tasks is so well learned that it is almost automatic, like walking or eating but it's epic fail for the most part when we try to both walk and eat). The general case where it appears that we can multitask are when two activities involve different types of brain processing, such as auditory and visual, like driving and listening to the radio although it's pretty bloody obvious that one has to focus far far more on the driving to not be a complete and utter disaster.

At best all we are doing is task switching, and that pretty bloody inefficiently.

Attention span of a gnat is what passes as a "true multi-tasker."

Comment The word important is being used in a flawed sense (Score 2) 39

Do page views really reflect importance? I'd conclude that that proposition is bollocks.

Classic case in point. No music video even comes close to Psy's "Gangnam Style" in views. But seriously, is it the most important music video? Hint, the answer is not even close.

I'd even hazard that water is (just probably, slightly) more important than Chocolate, but it wouldn't even register on this measure.

Comment This English Teacher should focus on History (Score 2) 352

This has all been tried and failed before. But they'd have known that if they learnt from history. I guess he needs a History "super teacher" session or few.

It's almost as bad as the "everyone can learn [insert insanely difficult subject area here]" with the best teachers and all that of course, and no particular requirement for aptitude or engagement by the student.

As for me, the most I ever expect from a teacher is to be average over time.

"A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked." -- John Gall, _Systemantics_