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Comment: Re:Go go Google (Score 1) 138

by ziriyab (#36116882) Attached to: Google Expected to Settle Over Drug Ads, to the Tune of $500M

If a pharmacy sells prescription meds without a prescription, they should have their license revoked and it doesn't matter where they are. If a non-pharmacy sells meds... then the laboratory that sells it to them should have its license revoked !

The online pharmacies aren't licensed by the US (from the article "Google knowingly accepted ads from online pharmacies, based in Canada and elsewhere..."), so the US can't revoke their licenses. The laboratory that sells to these legitimate pharmacies, licensed in their own countries, isn't doing anything illegal. This leaves Google as the only part of this chain that the US can punish.


+ - Spamming your boarding pass 2

Submitted by ziriyab
ziriyab (549710) writes "Has anyone noticed the little ads that have started appearing on boarding passes printed at home? We have to thank for using up our printer ink, as they "[enhance] the traveler experience with customized destination content." I've noticed their ads on Continental boarding passes. According to Continental support, this "content" cannot be turned off, but I can check in online and print a non-spammed boarding pass once at the airport. Does anyone else think this is wrong?"

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