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In general outsourcers won't save you money if your IT department is competently run (outsourcers need to make a profit), but for the 90% of other cases your job is in danger.

What if your needs are small enough that having whole person doing it is 90% more people than you need? An outsourcing company could aggregate several businesses in the same situation, resulting in more efficient use of the staff and equipment.

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by zippthorne (#47490977) Attached to: Amazon Isn't Killing Writing, the Market Is

Price is definitely a big factor in my own reading decisions as well. As a result of price, I typically go on reading "binges" where I will read something, remember how much I like to read things and go through another few things on my list until I notice I'm thinking about buying something for $14 and I just bought three or four other books in the past couple weeks, and do I really need to read this thing right now? Maybe I can wait until it's been out for a little bit and see if my library gets it or the price comes down.

Then my library doesn't have it, and I exhaust all the things on my list that they currently have (or I sign up for a few things and am in a queue that is likely months long...) and stop reading. After a few weeks, I will continue to not read until it occurs to me to check on a book, and maybe that $14 book is down to $9 (still not great, but I haven't read anything in a while (i.e. my budget has recovered), so what the hey)

The middlemen taking a big chunk of the money for distribution made sense when distribution was the difficult and expensive part of the proposition. It hardly makes sense for this to continue when the cost to produce a copy of an ebook is vanishingly small and half of it is the customer's responsibility.

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by zippthorne (#47465065) Attached to: French Blogger Fined For Negative Restaurant Review

Do they do tipping in France. I'm not sure tipping as a concept really makes sense anyway. Why do I pay the restaurant for the food and separately an essentially independent contractor (can I bring my own, then...) to deliver it, and the contractor's fee is completely at my discretion after the fact?

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You're not really doing anyone any favors by calling people "deniers." I get that you want to refer to people who hold on to skepticism by using a pejorative, but it's only going to have a polarizing effect, preventing those who were on or near the fence from coming over to your side.

Especially when the pejorative in question is a deliberate reference to anti-semetics who pretend that the freaking holocaust never happened, often with the side claim that they would like there to be one now.

Most people don't like to be associated, even in a small way, with a group like that.

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