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Comment: Re:kooks (Score 1) 1046

by zinjifar (#17911238) Attached to: Scientology Critic Arrested After 6 Years
I've had the pleasure of knowing Keith for better than 10 years now and the entertainment of similar if lesser levels of harassment by the 'Church's' in-house Gestapo, the 'Office of Special Affairs'. At the same time I've had the experience of knowing many Scientologists; in, out and out-but-still-believing and in general consider them well-meaning and often very intelligent people who just happened to fall into a marcabian mind-trap that they didn't deserve.

It's nice to see the camoflage begin to flake off in the past few years (Thank you Tom!) and, while as wacky cults go, they have a lot of amusement value, the actual *harm* they cause is unspeakable, and, unfortunately, all too seldom spoken of.

Thanks to Keith for allowing, however involuntarilly, a visible demonstration of 'What is Scientology' and more 'Keeping Scientology Working.'

It's a recursive phenomenon; it's *always* worse than you think. And, worse than I think it is.

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