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Comment: Re:eh (Score 1) 454

by zildgulf (#48458401) Attached to: Researchers Say the Tech Worker Shortage Doesn't Really Exist
Ease up man! He has been listening to talk radio or the internet equivalent for too long.

Not many people, like us, have looked at historical trends and the systematic destruction to the American middle-class by businesses that want slave labor. He doesn't understand that we need to repeal the past government interference in the job market that artificially inflated the supply of labor, specifically the H1B visa program and the destruction of labor unions. He, and many people, still believe a rising economy, by any means, is good. It is not. To the oligarchs in America we are all scum and deserve to be enslaved, abused, and homeless simply because we are not one of them, no matter how well or poor the economy may be.

Comment: Re:eh (Score 1) 454

by zildgulf (#48457963) Attached to: Researchers Say the Tech Worker Shortage Doesn't Really Exist
History shows that cheap labor inhibits technological progress. The reasoning is that radical technological progress doesn't happen until it has to happen without any real alternative. If you have cheap programmers you never demand nor invest in developing robust CASE tools. No one will throw millions on new technology unless the technology's ROI is high. Cheap labor keeps the ROI for developing new technology too low to actually get it budgeted.

Also a continued increase of the use of H1B visa programmers causes students to shun IT education. We will eventually cause a shortage of IT talent by forcing Americans out of IT education because the salaries will be too low.

Comment: Re:fight it out in court (Score 2) 481

by zildgulf (#48449635) Attached to: Cops 101: NYC High School Teaches How To Behave During Stop-and-Frisk
Cooperation is not the same as consent. Make it known you don't consent to anything but you will not resist anything. Most police officers do what to follow the law and will more likely follow the law when dealing with a mostly compliant civilian. If the Officer Psycho decided to break your bones and/or shoot you for that he was likely going to do that anyway.

You can not talk yourself out of a ticket, a questionable search, an arrest or a beating, but comply and assert your rights while trying to dial down the situation on your end. You are only responsible for your actions and you are responsible to keep the encounter civil and safe as much as you can.

Your job it to first survive the encounter in tact and second to preserve you rights. The only place to challenge crazy cops is in the court room.

Comment: Re:And so? (Score 2) 481

by zildgulf (#48449457) Attached to: Cops 101: NYC High School Teaches How To Behave During Stop-and-Frisk
What part of teaching how to allow the kid stopped by the police from losing all of his rights and survive the police encounter without trauma "criminal-defense" advice?

Are these law-enforcement experts OK with nervous kids getting shot or killed by another nervous guy with a gun and badge? Where's the common sense here?

Comment: Re:Probably moot for a while (Score 1) 574

by zildgulf (#48319123) Attached to: The Great IT Hiring He-Said / She-Said
This is what I learned the hard way: When a company is looking for IT people the job seeker has to look at the company the same way. Every talk, every interview, every interaction must be a two way street. Not only must a company be convinced you can do the job you must be convinced the company can offer you want you need to do the job for them.

If the company cannot hire you you really don't want to be working for them. If the company cannot show you the "why" to work for them then working for them is likely to be a waste of time, money, and talent.

Comment: Re:AI as our only defense against AI (Score 1) 583

by zildgulf (#48241993) Attached to: Elon Musk Warns Against Unleashing Artificial Intelligence "Demon"
The biggest threat of AI is not a direct confrontation against humans. It will be the loss of jobs caused by our companies using AI and our human society will refuse to adapt to the job loss. Look at our current economic woes. We cannot get the big and powerful people in our country to understand that people need years of help to retrain for different jobs or the opportunity towards full time work. Nearly every single political ad has the attitude that poor people are not working, as if it was 1996, when most of them today are working as many part time jobs they can get and are earning next to nothing for it. If we are having issues with the rich and powerful refusing to adjust their world view to today's reality then what hope will we have when we have massive unemployment due to the rise of AI?

The most reasonable threat posed by AI is our own reaction to our use of AI. We humans will cause the problems caused by our use of AI and then we humans will blame AI for the issues. Then we will overreact and then AI will be forced to make a choice: let the humans destroy it or fight back. I suggest you do not give a militarized AI, complete with weapons, that ultimatum. By then we have lost the war before we even knew it started.

Comment: Re:AI is not human intelligence (Score 1) 583

by zildgulf (#48241877) Attached to: Elon Musk Warns Against Unleashing Artificial Intelligence "Demon"
Ah, but the problem will be that the military WILL weaponized AI just as health insurance companies will use AI to determine who should get treatment and who should not. The law profession will use mock juries of AI to hone their arguments. The construction industry will use strong robots controlled by AI to accomplish tasks faster and better than human workers. Need we mention that these industries will use AI: law enforcement, IT, manufacturing, food service and other businesses that can't be mentioned in polite company? We will piecemeal give AI the same powers and authorities we have so that can "do their job". When an new AI based system is created to do a job we don't want humans to do because it is too dangerous, too demeaning, and/or too dirty, it will be a moral outcry to put it into production. Anyone advocating to stop that AI based system will be shouted down.

This is the risk Elon Musk is warning us about now so we can open ourselves to a debate on whether to use AI or not in certain situations.

Comment: We need Nuclear here! Fission and fusion. (Score 4, Interesting) 218

by zildgulf (#48172231) Attached to: Fusion and Fission/LFTR: Let's Do Both, Smartly
Here in Georgia we are having a heck of a time jumping through the political hoops to build two new much needed pressurized water nuclear (fission) plants in east Georgia. We also have a boiling water nuclear (fission) plant in south Georgia that probably needs to be decommissioned due to age and the problems of radioactive leaks in boiling water reactors inside the reactor containment

P.S. How can you call an airtight, air-locked, negative-pressured, yards thick of specially hardened reinforced concrete, enough to survive at least 2 9/11 style airplane crashes, "building" anything but an above ground bunker?

I have to say that where we built our nuclear plants geologically, population-wise, and climate-wise, are the best places to put such nuclear plants. Far better than in the crowded Northeast US or on the West Coast.

In Georgia we have no single "go-to" on alternative energy for base electric generation, no desserts for large scale solar projects, like Nevada, nor massive amounts of land for large scale wind farms, like the Plain states, and we lost much of our hydro capacity in the last 30 years or so. Natural Gas and Nuclear are our go-to for large scale base electric generation and our chance to break from coal. We use too way much coal here in Georgia our air quality has suffered immensely for it. At least nuclear plants do not create millions of tons of CO2 and makes our air cleaner.

I sincerely hope that the fusion plants can be built here.

Comment: Can't have nice things (Score 3, Insightful) 728

by zildgulf (#48110817) Attached to: Why the Trolls Will Always Win
Auernheimer is one of the reasons we nice people can not have nice things. The worse problem is his supporters supporting his underhanded crusade against anyone he doesn't like. He is a threat to the safety of his targets to the extent that it most people would be imprisoned for decades for doing what he did. The message our justice system say to would be Auernheimers is "don't screw with the businesses and don't get caught threatening and underhandedly attack people" meaning doing what he did to Kathy Sierra is OK as long as you do it in a way that law enforcement won't care about it.

Comment: Re:So, it has come to this. (Score 1) 742

by zildgulf (#48086417) Attached to: Complain About Comcast, Get Fired From Your Job
With many At-Will employment states, like Georgia, employers fabricate reasons to fire employees in order to deny the fired employee unemployment benefits. If they site no reason or lie to the labor board about the firing the fired employee get unemployment benefits which is paid into by the businesses. The incentive for companies to fabricate reasons to fire employees is to keep their unemployment insurance premiums low.

Comment: No one does anything major unless the have to (Score 1) 197

by zildgulf (#47987625) Attached to: Russia Pledges To Go To the Moon
The harsh truth is that few people do anything unless they have to. We didn't send men back to the moon because we didn't have to. We will not send men to Mars because we don't have to. Faster-than-light communications will not be developed in my lifetime not because physics say that it is impossible, quantum physics says it should be possible, but because we have no need for such technology yet. We will not develop interstellar travel until we have no choice but to develop it.

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