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Comment: Re:OpenBSD + Truecrypt + Rip Anywhere MP3 player (Score 1) 36

how are you going to type in the password for truecrypt every time you want to listen to a song? otherwise, The Man will just yank the device from you while operating and discover your illegal wares. why openbsd? I like it for servers, good networked security for remote access but with physical access to an mp3 appliance there are probably no advantages

Comment: Re:What grounds? (Score 1) 973

by ziggyzaggy (#34840400) Attached to: Assange Could Face Execution Or Guantanamo Bay
The U.S. has been imprisoning and killing outside the law long before 2001. For example, we had concentration camps for tens of thousands innocent U.S. citizens in the 40s, we mass murdered thousands of innocent SE asians (and those were our ALLIES, not enemies!) in the 60s by deliberately killing their crops to force the survivors to move to cities under our control (and maimed hundreds more because of impurities in the defoliant used)

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