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Comment Re:All this means is that you can catch them (Score 1, Insightful) 339

I am disturbed by how many fake rape claims there are though. Something about that should be done. I don't know... maybe its all just media hype but it seems like that has gotten out of control and maybe the law needs to be tweaked a bit to discourage false claims.

After having been married to a woman that would lie and do just about anything unethical to get her way, I believe this has to do with a certain segment of the female population that I like to call "ultra liberal feminists". I'm all for equality between the sexes but this particular group I think believes that all men are stupid and deserve to be taken advantage. I suspect these women were born to other that were in households were men assumed superior authority and were education on the "evils of men" because of their experience. This creates a false sense of entitlement that is unhealthy. What they don't realize is they raised a group of women that have false beliefs about men in general. It's kind of like how racism gets perpetuated through family generations. Very sad.

Women, because they are typically not superior to men in the physical sense recognize that their emotional and intellectual savviness can be used to balance that out, sometimes in very sinister ways. Some day I hope we don't have this class, gender, race war type of stuff in our society and we can learn to all respect each other. We do much better when we collaborate instead of trying to take advantage of each other.

Comment $20 HD Tuner + Windows Media PC + Netflix/Hulu FTW (Score 1) 392

Unless you watch specific channels that you can't stream over the internet or want to pay for overpriced service, all you need is a $20 HD Tuner + Windows Media PC + Netflix/Hulu and you have almost the same exact experience as having cable for a fraction of the cost.

If it weren't for TiVO's patents, companies would be able to sell pre-built devices that can stream OTA content, record shows DVR style and have a channel guide just like the cable set top boxes. Cable companies are a racket and they know it. Services like Netflix came along and made them actually have to be competitive. Many channels are now offering internet streaming subscriptions like ESPN. It's only a matter of time before the wiley cable company goes extinct unless of course the AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner super lobby group gets their way with net neutrality.

Capitalism is about producing better quality goods at a cheaper price by being driven to innovate in order compete. These types of businesses are trying to control market space to fix prices. They're all in collusion with each other. They should be be broken up and regulated like the phone companies. Better yet, make the internet a public utility because it's critical to so many every day business and consumer needs.

Comment But if we make all future births "geniuses"... (Score 1) 366

...there won't be anyone to run supermarkets, farmers or truck drivers to deliver food to anyone. Thus, while the entire population is reading slashdot, they will starve, die and go extinct.

Perhaps the diversity of the gene pool as it exists today is smarter than any algorithm we could come up with to serve all the changing needs of our population to have the best chance of survival. It's clear to me that creating an entire generation of "geniuses", super models and super athletes is not going to do that.

Comment Stress? (Score 5, Insightful) 291

I can tell you from personal experience having been a physical fitness health nut and also having gone through prolong periods of enormous stress that the two are undeniably linked. When you're under stress, you have fight or flight response. Several chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline are produced in your body. When you're under chronic stress, you have this type of constant sense of this. It depletes resources in your body differently than when you're relaxed. It also causes you to store more body fat because when we were in the wild the environment stress response could be associated with food scarcity.

The time in my life when I was in the best shape of my life was when I was under the least amount of stress. I had low blood pressure, cholesterol, LDL/HDL, triglycerides, everything. My GP was cheering me on.

Get your stress under control and focus on having a healthy lifestyle and everything else will sort itself out. The problem in America is that we are a culture that pushes inordinate amounts of stress on our citizens. Where UK citizens would take a month long holiday every year because of the generous vacation time afforded by most European countries, the United States doesn't guarantee any paid vacation or sick time. And then we wonder why compared to other countries our citizens are significantly more tired, burnt out and less healthy.

Comment Re:The Free Market (Score 0) 263

You have Libertarianism wrong. Libertarians are not against regulation, they are against regulation that would restrict people's freedom unjustly. Libertarianism != anarchy. Libertarianism = a balance between fiscally conservative and socially liberal. The ultra-conservative folks are the ones you're looking for. They love Laissez-Faire Capitalism.

Comment Re:Not for me (Score 1) 198

The market is not free for several reasons, two directly related to EA and one not so directly.

It's free in the sense that everyone can vote with their wallet. Lack of sales will put market pressure on EA to change if they are interested in their bottom line which, as we all know, is the only thing that really matters to them. Hit them where it hurts and they will change.

Comment Re:Use cash (Score 3, Interesting) 146

Nothing else needed, why are we even discussion this?

Not everyone wants to walk around with $1000+ in cash in their pocket so they can make a big purchase. And when you lose cash, it's really lost to you - if someone steals the cash from your pocket, there's little hope of recovery unless they happen to catch the thief, at least if they steal your credit card, you can report the fraud and get your money back.

Um you didn't even point out the obviously flaw in today's day and age of using cash especially among slashdotters. So, I should stuff $2,000 in an envelope with purchase order and mail it to NewEgg to purchase the parts for my next gaming rig? NOT! "I'm sorry sir, but there was no cash in the envelope you sent us. Can you try re-sending it?" It really drives me nuts when snarky people are like just use cash! Oh yeah let's just drop the e-commerce market that's been built up around the internet and been an economic boon and go back to the dark ages. How about let's make electronic purchases better? Or better yet how about companies hire better people and/or train the people to follow best security practices?

Comment Re:What about the Little Ice Age? (Score 4, Insightful) 552

Honestly, I don't think the problem is that people don't really know this and are arguing against the human effect of carbon emissions on our planet's environment. The problem is our modern society at its foundation is completely based on carbon based fuel and combustion engines. A group of brilliant scientists, no matter how intelligent or correct they are, is not going to convince the entire modern world to stop what it's doing, shut down society and restructure it for the long term health of the planet.

Two things to note about this: 1) That would have a devastating impact because of the chaos it would create and 2) There's not enough motivation because it's not going to affect anyone currently here in their lifetime. By the time it's a problem, it will be a future generation and it will be too late.

Now I know this is a bitter bill for geeks to swallow but you'll have to negotiate the win/win, not just use pure logic. Fortunately, you're the smart group and what you should use your intelligence for is to find an economically equivalent or better, cleaner, environment friendly source of energy and propulsion. Get to work! We're depending on you to solve the problem.

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