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Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 177

These are actually more substantial than renaming the mountain. I'd like to see more things done like this. Again, the window to go through Congress closed quite awhile ago, but I'd still like to see more steps like this to help the Alaskan native people return to their way of life as much as possible.

Ummm, mining and large scale logging are hardly a 'return to their native way of life'. It is simply a sop to the Alaskan Native voting block - which tends to be Democratic in a rabidly Republican state.

Comment Re:$250 to download one game (Score 1) 50

Either that or this is another advantage of consoles over PCs.

Well, the last console I used was an Xbox 360, and I haven't turned it on in quite some time after getting turned off by titanfall (in fact I packed it into a crate and forgot about it, the whole system I mean, I guess I should sell it while it's still worth something since I don't want to cart it around until it becomes an antique) but even on that platform I had multiple-hundred-megabyte patches to deal with.

Comment Re:Just a question (Score 1) 177

oreign countries don't even agree on what to call each other let alone specific places. I know a little "Japanese" (Nihongo) and from what I understand no one from that country would refer to it as "Japan". It is "Nippon" or "Nihon", "Japan" from what I've heard is a really bad 1,500 year old Portuguese pronunciation of a Chinese word referring to the island chain off of China's coast. I think this is far from an isolated situation, anyone know other languages similar craziness?Correction: 500 year old (from roughly 1500s) bad Portuguese pronunciation, Monday morning and my brain isn't completely up and running.

You can start with 'Indians'. 'Ol Columbus was a tad confused at times.

Must of been the wine.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 169

It doesn't matter how much "benefits" the ruling class chose to trickle down on us. We didn't get the choice to forgo the alleged benefits and keep the money - just as we didn't get to opt out of the draft into the military and "service" in VietNam, along with the "benefits" accruing from that adventure.

I see your problem. The benefits don't trickle down from the ruling class. They don't "trickle down" from anywhere. They are shared. If anything, in US late-stage capitalism, the benefits trickle UP to the financial elite.

A group of people pulling together will always be stronger than one person pulling. I will bet you eventually come to understand this: Ayn Rand was wrong, maybe even deluded. She was a sociopath who had daddy-issues and lied to you. You might as well base your political views on Lord of the Rings than Atlas Shrugged.

Libertarianism: IT'S A COOKBOOK!

Comment When we say "tech industry" ... (Score 4, Insightful) 10

We should be very clear this means "the (m|b)illionaire CEOs of tech corporations who are using company money to advance their own agendas".

This is all about corporations doing what serves the interests of the rich people in charge ... which means it's really a measure of how influential CEOs are, and is in no way representative of the thousands of people who work for those companies.

Comment Re:launchd not as bad as systemd (Score 1) 142

Okay, show me your video. I don't doubt it's fast, but there's no way it's faster than the Happy Mac icon.

I dunno, I've had some inexplicable waits for that icon to show up. It just doesn't show up as quickly as you suggest every time. And I've used a very broad range of Macs, they were just sneaking into the schools while I was being forced to be in them, but I also come from Santa Cruz which is a very nerdy college town, and also full of liberal arts and graphic arts and whatnot and thus full of macs.

The only Amiga I have handy to make a RRD on is an A1200. It's kind of too new, it might invalidate the point. But if you insist, I'll see if it still powers up. I have a DV Bridge so I can get video into my PC, in theory. Hmm, and a camcorder with the same functionality, now I think of it.

Comment Re:People limited to 10 GB/mo (Score 1) 50

People with a 10 GB/mo plan on cellular, satellite, or Iowa DSL could start a download now and not finish the 50 GB of a full 2-layer BD-ROM before the end of the year.

Well, there are plans which would provide more bandwidth. The reality though is that more and more games have not just massive installs but also massive patchsets, so if you don't have high-speed internet with reasonable caps then modern gaming is not for you. That sucks, it sucks a lot, but it's how it is, and the person without decent internet access should take up retrogaming yesterday. I only have 6 Mbps myself, though with no cap, and that puts a serious crimp in my gaming activities. I cannot download a game and game online at the same time, for example. I can only game while my lady watches Netflix in the mornings; in the evenings, my ratty-ass WISP goes all to hell due to oversubscription and/or crap hardware they claimed they were going to replace a long time ago, shock amazement.

TL;DR: AAA games are not for people with crap internet

Comment Re:Nothing new... (Score 1) 50

Weird. I don't remember that at all. Skyrim had a full DVD with the binary install. I've never installed Steam in my life.

It was originally possible to just buy Skyrim without Steam. May still be, even. It is/was packaged as one of Microsoft's featured "Games for Windows". Now that Steam sales have pushed the Steam version out to many many machines (including mine, and I am a long-time and consistently outspoken critic of Steam...*) there's probably many copies of it available on eBay. I wouldn't know how to spot the ones which require Steam, though, if it's not obvious on the box.

Comment Re:Not all that uncommon in reality (Score 1) 50

This is different. Your time is 100% wasted going to a brick and mortar store to buy an online installer.

Unless you have a POTS modem, your time is already wasted when you go to buy a Steam-"powered" game. Since you don't own it and are just licensing it for reals in the case of a game which must be blessed by an online server before it can be played, you really are just wasting everything when you buy it on a physical disc. The disc itself is meaningless as it alone cannot be used to install the game. Even a Steam "backup" is not a backup of a game, but of the game's resources. It's not really a game until you can play it (unless hacking Steam out of it is fun to you, then it's two games in one!) and you can't play it until it's blessed.

Someday Steam will go away, and then all those discs which are now coasters which install Steam and maybe some game resources will just be coasters.

Comment Re: So it's not unlimited, then... (Score 1) 151

An absolutely unlimited internet connection is technically impossible, since the bandwidth of any network in the universe, however measured, is finite, and I believe you understand this. So you know that what is being marketed to you cannot *literally* be true, without some sort of qualification.

Yes, and the natural assumption is that "unlimited" in this case means "as fast as it can be delivered", and if they aren't willing to do that for a given price, they shouldn't advertise it. Nobody is claiming that they should be able to get five inches worth of water through a three inch main. They just want that three inch main to deliver more than a one inch main could at the same pressure. And the user should not be expected to have to understand things like spectrum, or bandwidth congestion. Don't advertise what you can't deliver, no problem.

T-Mobile advertised something they knew they couldn't deliver. That's false advertising, and when done intentionally, fraud as well.

Comment Re:Headline leaves out one very important detail (Score 1) 88

It's not a tweet, it's a story submission ... if headlines read like "Over 225,000 Apple Accounts Compromised Via iOS Malware but only if you jailbroke your phone and installed from a separate source but then that's your damned problem because you did it to yourself but it's Monday so who cares anyway because I need more coffee" it would be annoying and would get truncated.

Honestly, this is you complaining about your lack of attention to read TFS.

The story submission is fine. It's demanding you not have to read a couple of sentences which is the problem.

Comment Re:Here, mod this down too (Score 1) 88

There are alternatives besides "IOS" and "jailbroken IOS", you know.

Apple has already brought some of the magic of the iOS ecosystem to OSX, and will only bring more. Also, how the fuck did Apple make OSX so slow? It's agony. NeXTStep was about as responsive on an '030 as OSX is on modern processors.

Comment Re:Headline leaves out one very important detail (Score -1, Troll) 88

Aw.. how cute. You thought I was agreeing with you. That's adorable.

What did you think you were saying when you said what I said was "true"? Time to buy a dictionary, kid.

I know it's a security feature. Problem is, it's for Apple's security first, and yours second. Yet, you're still grateful. Apple thanks you for your cognitive dissonance.

Karl's version of Parkinson's Law: Work expands to exceed the time alloted it.