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Comment Re: Good! (Score 1) 339

I thought I had dumbed it down as far as it could go.
Governments need money and they get it in ways that they can.

You would expect people in a country that revolted over taxation without representation to get a bit more worked up about those getting representation well over and above those that are being taxed.

Comment Re:aren't these aimed to prevent not detect? (Score 1) 137

Sorry, I can't make sense of your comment as a whole

Kind of my point. If you knew enough to understand you wouldn't have written "France and other countries will learn", but you've clearly not bothered to pay much attention to the issue you are commenting on and thus what is considered normal general knowledge seems mysterious.

Comment Re: I'd be wary of Musk, too (Score 1) 67

The demand is outstripping their supply. Right now, if they could product 250,000 MS, they would be able to sell it just in America and Europe ALONE. In fact, what keeps Mercedes S-class from dropping massively is the fact that tesla can NOT produce enough. OTOH, all of the other competition has dropped massively in America and Europe.

Comment Re:This would level the playing ground (Score 1) 339

Hmmm, payroll taxes cap out at about $110,000. Who pays the full amount every time? The rich. Now, should they keep paying more, eliminate the cap?

The question was about the relative percentages paid in taxes. If you change the definition of "taxes" to exclude payroll taxes, then you end up with the misleading results the Tax Foundation reports.

The rich do not pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than the middle and working class. If you evaluate total incomes instead of adjusted incomes (since the wealthy are able to make far better use of the tax code, which after all, was written for them), then you see that the rich pay a far lower percentage of their incomes - their true incomes - in taxes.

The Tax Foundation is an advocacy group for energy and pharma corporations that don't want to pay taxes. Period. They are as phony as a three dollar bill. And their "reports" are excellent examples of how you can mislead with statistics.

Comment Re:This would level the playing ground (Score 1) 339

And not SINGLE citation refuted anything about the IRS data the Tax Foundation has used, or the conclusions they've reached.

Tax Foundation didn't include payroll taxes in their calculations. Compare the percentage of income that someone making over $500,000/yr pays with the percentage of income someone making $50,000 year pays. Since payroll taxes make up 34% of all government revenue, you will quickly see how including payroll taxes changes the look of the Tax Foundation's conclusion.

You shouldn't need me to spoon feed you this stuff. I'm surprised you didn't see it straight away.

Comment Re:What 'meaning'? (Score 1) 115

assuming it was such a deep discount, and arrived home only to be dismayed when they realized it was the regular price.

Harbor Freight - same thing. You have to pay attention to their specials. I bought a 950 watt Generator for 89 dollars - decent price. But I've seen it as high as 149.00, and once at 79.00. All the prices advertised as "specials". Same with many other items. Most regulars get used to it, and figure it out

Comment Re:It's important to keep Christ in Christmas. (Score 1) 115

Could it be that the above is the true reason, or at least one of the more valid reasons, for the season?

Absolutely. Getting together with friends and family, enjoying a few adult beverages, and overeating is what it's all about.

I'm not even the type who needs a lot of human contact, and I enjoy it.

And coming from an extended family dominated by super cooks, I have a very easy decision as for a new years resolution.

Comment Re:Good riddance (Score 1) 115

Why don't you just live your own life on your own terms and not be so caught up in what everyone else is doing? Because you demand people pay attention to your pseudo-intellectual nonsense. You crave that attention.

Why don't you just live your own life on your own terms and not be so caught up getting pissed at other people's opinions?

You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements. -- Norman Douglas