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Comment: Re:tutorials.. (Score 1) 75

by zhvihti (#43367533) Attached to: R 3.0.0 Released
A new, easy to use, free, online R system is StatAce ( The GUI analysis is still in infancy (only descriptives, correlation and OLS at this stage) but it supports any and all R code, many libraries, and has good data management (e.g. allows you to save results).

Comment: Universal skew reference? Nope. (Score 1) 470

by zhvihti (#11848665) Attached to: Tracking a Specific Machine Anywhere On The Net
If each computer has unique skew how are they going to establish a common time reference standard? You can't have one phisycal machine sniff the whole net. Having a few however, would mean that the skew they measure is based on their perception of time, which is (as per definition) uniquely skewed. Now, if they can sync many machines completely, then we can basically do the same.

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