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Comment: Re:progress. (Score -1) 319

by zhong-guo (#33992948) Attached to: China's Official Newspaper Pans iPad — Too Locked Down
shi ah, na, "For example you cannot install pirate software on them, you cannot download [free] music, and you need to pay for movies you watch on them.' " This is the exact reason why lots of the linux people won't buy one. But since china says it, then it really bad. HAHAHA At least there is honesty, even if we own the world.

Comment: Re:Wal-Mart should follow suit (Score -1, Troll) 738

by zhong-guo (#33956406) Attached to: China Now Halting Shipments of Rare Earth Minerals To US
yes stop the walmart from shipping out and your walmart are #1 employer in USA people are now unjobbed. You so smart, they grow turnips in the ears. We see this for years and now for the time, we will control it and we control you. It was just time. your two sided politics fight for face, and leave you in the dust. We welcome you to the new world, now xue zhong wen zai xiao xiang. Zhong Guo da, ni zen me zhe me guai. HAHAHA

Comment: Re:Ridiculous (Score 0) 738

by zhong-guo (#33939252) Attached to: Humans Will Need Two Earths By 2030
Today's slums are yesterday's luxury caves. This years third world countries are yesterdays third world countries. Today's slums have 40" flat screen tellies, with a used ford tempo out front. It's relative economic intrepitudes differentiated over eclectic summed inversals. The sums aggregate up as the curves yield out of the last mile.

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