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The Courts

+ - Kaleidescape Wins CSS Lawsuit Against the DVD-CCA

Submitted by Timoteo47
Timoteo47 (1080787) writes "Kaleidescape ( has won the lawsuit brought against them by the DVD-CCA. Kaleidscape manufactures a DVD jukebox system that allows consumers to copy their DVDs to a hard drive, automatically catalog the DVD and play them back anytime. Kaleidescape was sued by the DVD-CCA, the organization that licenses CSS. The lawsuit went to trial last week and today the judge ruled that Kaliedescape "has been found 'in full compliance' with the DVD Copy Control Association's (DVD CCA) license to the Content Scramble System (CSS)." TWICE ( has the story on the lawsuit and Kaleidescape's victory. Congratulations to Mike Malcom and Kaleidescape!"

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