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Comment: Re:EVE players fell for that? (Score 1) 171

by zget (#37099550) Attached to: <em>EVE Online</em> Ponzi Scheme Nets $50k Worth of In-Game Currency
Why the word "fall" for it? I'm sure there are people who understand it fully, and took the risk to gain some easy profit. That's true in this Eve case and in real life. They can gain good profit easily, while understanding that there's also a risk of never seeing the money again.

Comment: It depends on contracts (Score 2, Interesting) 243

by zget (#37098478) Attached to: Music Copyright War Looming
Unless the artists self-financed it and didn't make contracts with record labels, it basically is work for hire.

Lets take game series as examples - even if your studio created the game and the franchise, the IP rights to the name, characters etc belong to the publisher as they financed it and that was the deal made with the studio. Unless they make a deal with the publisher, they also cannot just leave and continue using that same name under another publisher. On the other hand, the publisher has the right to use the name even if they hire a new studio the make it. This is the case with Call of Duty series too. It's basically work for hire, and it's a decision creators make when thinking if they could finance it on their own or if they need a publisher to finance the initial creating part. Since publisher takes a risk, they also get to own the work done.

It's the same thing when you work for a software company as coder. You don't own the product or the code you made, as you were hired to do it for the company. If you want to keep it all to yourself (and also get larger rewards), you need to finance and handle all parts of it yourself.

Comment: Re:Didn't see this one coming (Score 0, Troll) 578

by zget (#37093494) Attached to: Google To Acquire Motorola Mobility For $12.5 Bill
I bet other Android manufacturers are even more worried, now that Google owns their own hardware too. Suddenly all the Android manufacturers are using a competitors product and then trying to fight against them too. This is also why Nokia's stock price is rising up. It's bad times for those other Android vendors, and I think they're already looking at something else than Android.

Comment: Re:Without copyright, annotated disassemblies (Score 1) 283

by zget (#37089126) Attached to: Hamstersoft Ebook App Rips Off GPL3 Code, Say Calibre Devs
And it's still also pain in the ass, even if you know assembly. I do, but reading and perfectly understanding, and then commenting all that code is a really huge process. It doesn't even allow modifying it as easily as full source code, you have to make jumps to codecaves and you break stuff extremely easily. There's really no comparing the two, it's completely different league even for people who know it.

Comment: Re:Infection. (Score -1, Troll) 283

by zget (#37089048) Attached to: Hamstersoft Ebook App Rips Off GPL3 Code, Say Calibre Devs
Yeah it's kind of interesting. Everytime when we're discussing people pirating proprietary software or games (or movies and music for that matter), people are saying copyrights should be removed and that it's somehow justified to pirate. But when it's about GPL, the company should be sued to oblivion, they should release all the code and pay millions in damages. Quite a hypocrisy..

Comment: Re:Bing vs. Google (Score 3, Informative) 385

by zget (#37084120) Attached to: Bing More Effective Than Google?
Have you actually tried that, or do you just spin that old article while not understanding what is happening? Because it doesn't work like that.

Bing toolbar used to follow what links people clicked on search results. That way Bing also got the information about such nonsensical keywords. But if no user clicks those links, they don't get those results. Bing doesn't just scrape Google, they collect usage information (like Google does too).

It's always nice to see somehow spewing complete bullshit when he either doesn't understand the issue or knows no one will actually try it, and try to come off as wiser than he actually is.

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