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Comment I have one of these vehicles...it's not that hard (Score 1) 564

This vehicle has an electronic gear selector. You move a lever forward or backward to select the gear.

There is a large display on the instrument cluster that tells you what gear you are in.

We've had this vehicle for 3 years with no issue. It took my wife and I approximately 1 trip to become comfortable with the new selector.

There is no problem with this design - drivers simply need to pay more attention to the act of driving instead of the million other things drivers do when they are behind the wheel.

Comment Re:Oh-no the Libertarians are coming... (Score 1) 460

"essential government services that benefit society"

That the government has no constitutional mandate to provide.

Federal government needs to be shrunk down to it's constitutional role as "protector" and any other service that it qualifies as "provider" is not constitutionally mandated and therefore should be remanded to the states.

If you don't like living under a government bound by our constitution, then I suggest you move elsewhere.

Comment It's their "small business" line of product (Score 1) 33

This stuff is the crap leftover from the Linksys acquisition. I would be willing to bet none of their SMB products share much code with their big business stuff (ASA, Catalyst, and their real routers based on IOS).

If you've ever called tech support for their "pro" stuff - you get some pretty awesome people usually based in the US. Last time I called their SMB support teams I got a guy in Bulgaria (in his defense he did quickly recognize that my defective hardware needed to be replaced).

This type of flaw is probably not a systemic problem with Cisco's other products.

Comment It's the updates stupid... (Score 1) 180

Apart from a pure android experience, the only reason to buy a Nexus device is timely updates with long-term support.

Handset vendors and mobile network operators have very little reason to provide such software support - and it hurts the quality of the experience.

An in-house Nexus line is only one step to fixing the larger problem of fragmentation in the marketplace.

Comment H-1B visa are not a free market (Score 3, Insightful) 243

In an ideal market, people would be free to move around and seek work where ever the wages and opportunity are right. In our real world, moving from country to country to work is limited by governments that want to protect their borders and labor pool.

Try getting a visa to work in China or Brazil. Those countries do not readily allow foreigners to work "their" jobs.

A government visa program designed to artificially increase a pool of workers is the exact opposite of a free market.

Comment Netgear - Dlink - all terrible (Score 1) 85

This is a geek forum - why aren't you all running dedicated devices (firewall/switch/APs)?

Anyone who buys Netgear's junk deserves the pain they will inevitably receive. I've had the displeasure of using Netgear's home and "pro" stuff over the years and it's all been absolute junk.

Flaky VPN firewalls, switches that fall over during heavy usage - or don't participate in spanning tree properly, wireless devices that need to be reset constantly to work...yadda, yadda...

I don't expect home users on a budget to run Cisco/Meraki/Rukus and the like, but take a look at Ubiquiti. Their stuff is cheap and worlds better than the consumer junk you can get at Best Buy and Walmart.

I asked the Ubiquiti folks at CES this year if a SOHO Wifi/Router device is coming - and they winked and said - "we can not confirm or deny that at this time".

So my guess is we'll see a SOHO device sometime this year.

Comment Another company that doesn't dogfood it's stuff (Score 2) 432

Every time I see a bug like this I can't help but think - the engineers that built this don't actually use this.

Android wear is another one. I believe no engineer on that product actually wears an Android Wear device. It's so full of bugs that it's practically useless.

The people developing products should be forced to actually live with them (except maybe medical equipment....).

Comment Some gasoline DI engines produce soot as well (Score 1) 496

My '08 GTI had a black tailpipe from the day I bought it. Turbocharged direct injection engines also suffer from momentary overboost conditions on hard acceleration and they produce soot. What's worse is that many, if not all, of these gasoline engines do not have particulate filters on the exhaust.

I'll bet if we start scrutinizing the exhaust pipes of all these turbocharged, direct injected gasoline engines, you will find their emissions probably aren't compliant either.

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