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Comment Re:it's been out one week. (Score 1) 129

Casual gaming is about the complexity of the games you enjoy. It's the engine, the controls, etc. all of that. That is also the dividing line of comparing smart phones/tablets to consoles. Yes you can play casual or complex games on both but the hardware usually lends to: Mobile/tablet = simpler games, Console/PC = complex. My mom may play the hell out of Candy Crush but is still considered a casual due to the complexity of the game she enjoys. I had her try my PS4 once and the number of buttons on the controller drove her away.

Comment Re:So if I'm reading this right (Score 1) 235

No. The police should know the law. Unless I missed something, it's their fucking job! The point missed in the article is the amount of fabricated evidence used to make the pieces fall in place without admitting they used the technology. They totally omitted it yet were able get convictions so there must be something fishy going on. Overall, they should be fired for this. They are servants of justice and are also obligated to obey the just like everyone else.

Comment Re:Erm, the 3DS (Score 1) 559

The battery life isn't that bad. I can get at least 3-4 hours of life out if at a time. It can plug in to charge while using if need be. I totally agree with your opinion of the Wii, but you really should give the Wii-U a shot. The second screen is no gimmick. If you have a family, off-TV play is incredibly useful.

Comment Re:Kids. (Score 1) 92

Score of 5?! Spoken like someone who has no actual knowledge of the console. 1.) The Wii U only supports one new controller. The games themselves are only designed for one player to use the new controller at a time. 2.) All other players use the standard Wiimotes, the same that came with the original Wii.

Comment Final Fantasy disconnection (Score 1) 401

I totally agree. My main issue with the Final Fantasy series is a disconnection I felt throughout the sequels.

Final Fantasy was the first RPG I ever played as well. I've been a big fan of all the 8bit and 16bit sequels up to VII on the PS1.

FFVIII was the first one that I quit after playing for only 6 or so hours. The repetitve summoning cutscenes and the grinding necessary to advance spells was a total bore fest. The story and environment were boring as well. I didn't care about any of the characters nor did I care for the futuristic feel (gun-swords?!... c'mon!). I tried to give it a shot but couldn't muster more than 6 hours.

I did enjoy IX thoroughly. The traditional art style worked for me as I felt the ultra-realistic look of VIII was a complete turn-off. But after that, my interest in the series was waaning like a bad relationship.

I tried Final Fantasy X and couldn't get past roughly six hours again. The focus on ultra-realistic graphics and drawn out summoning scenes just sucked the fun out of the fantasy for me. And I haven't even bothered with any sequel since.

I guess there is something to Nintendo's style of the "quiet protagonist" that holds a certain charm. When you over-develop a character you risk alienating the player and I feel the recent sequels suffer from this. I really think that is another reason besides the other points I mentioned above that caused me to feel disconnected to the games. I really didn't care and no changes to the core system could help that.

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