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Open Source

Video The MinnowBoard is a Low-Cost, Open Hardware Single-Board Computer (Video) 84

Out in the Northeast Texas town of Ft. Worth, a company called CircuitCo started making something they called the BeagleBoard -- an open source hardware single-board computer for educators and experimenters. Now, with help and support from Intel, they're making and supporting the Atom-based MinnowBoard, which is also open source, and comes with Angstrom Linux to help experimenters get started with it. David Anders is the Senior Embedded Systems Engineer at CircuitCo. Slashdot's Timothy Lord met David at LinuxCon North America 2013 in New Orleans and made this video of him talking about the recently-released MinnowBoard and the more mature BeagleBoard.

Strict New Anti-Spam Regulations In Canada 101

An anonymous reader writes "David Reese provides an interesting analysis of just how far Canada's new anti-spam legislation goes, and its implications for business. This may provide a valuable template for citizens of other countries, and may also encourage Canadians to prepare for the inevitable push-back from spammers. It is not clear from this analysis whether the legislation would affect telemarketing, but even if it does not it provides a useful precedent for future regulation in that area."

NVIDIA Releases Source To CUDA Compiler 89

An anonymous reader writes "NVIDIA has announced they have 'open-sourced' their new CUDA compiler so that their GPGPU platform can be brought to new architectures. NVIDIA's CUDA compiler is based upon LLVM. At the moment though they seem to be restricting the source code's access to 'qualified' individuals.' The official press release implies wider access to the source will happen later. It so happens that a few days ago AMD opened their OpenCL backend and added initial support to the Free Software r600 driver.
Role Playing (Games)

New Fable II DLC Coming May 12th 26

Lionhead Studios today announced that their next section of downloadable content for Fable II, called See the Future, will be available on May 12th. The new content will include new quests, monsters and items, a Colosseum, and alter egos for the player's dog. Peter Molyneux also hinted at a connection to the next Fable game, saying, "... it would be pretty poor to say See the Future if it didn't have some connection." Further details are available in the latest in Lionhead's series of developer diaries.

Submission + - How many earthlings have studied calculus?

OceanBarb writes: Talking about fall semester grades got me to thinking....if you pass calculus, or linear algebra, or combinatorics, or differential equations at the college level, how many other Earthlings alive today are likely to have accomplished the same achievement? How many who are no longer alive? How different will the number be in ten or fifty or one hundred years?

Submission + - Sony LCD Quality - or lack of

An anonymous reader writes: Sony sells a monitor (SDMHS95P/R) with advertised contrast ratio of 1000 but Consumer Organization in NZ has determined that actual contrast ratio is 252. The worst discrepancy I have ever seen in such a product. You need to visit and maybe pay full $15 for 3 month access, but they do some excellent reviews, and they appear to be quite unbiased. And, coming from an Australian, a compliment to a NZ institution is ... well ... brave so say the least!

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