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Doctorow Says Google & Amazon Stifle Progress 162

Posted by Soulskill
from the among-others dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Google and Amazon are 'a danger to everyone involved in the creative industries' because they act as the intermediary between creators and audiences, says Boing Boing editor Cory Doctorow. He warns that the corporate giants will 'only fear competition from other established giants ... companies whose character as gatekeepers of video distribution and discovery won't be substantially different.' The solution, he says, is to use copyrights to lower the cost of entering the market. 'For so long as copyright holders think like short-timers, seeking a quick buck instead of a healthy competitive marketplace, they're doomed to work for their gatekeepers,' he says."

Comment: In Korea, only old people use mainframes. (Score 1) 214

by zero time ghost (#18293872) Attached to: Virtualization Is Not All Roses
Except that mainframes never had a place in small to medium business. An assemblage of commodity hardware has a major advantage over the big iron: it's scalable from a single x86 server up. Also, you aren't tied to any hardware vendor for all of those commodity pieces. These are the reasons why hardly anybody uses mainframes anymore.

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