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Comment Fuck everything about this. (Score 4, Insightful) 151

> The bad news is that they feel this way because they see your data as a new source of profit — they're just deciding how best to harvest it.

It's really great how car co's just assume they are entitled to have this data.

I do not want this in my car, at all, in any form. No "opt out" or "we take your privacy seriously", nothing. I want it physically impossible for them to collect data.

Comment Who supported this man for ten years? (Score 1) 1032

A lot of people went to work day in and day out at jobs they disliked or even despised, and set aside some of their meager wages in savings accounts or retirement accounts, so this asshole could live for free for ten years pursuing vanity degrees in areas of study that equipped him to do little more than better rationalize his shitty choices, and to lie to himself and others more skillfully about the meaning of that choice.

Fuck you Lee Siegel. It's one thing to fuck over the people who loaned you money; it's another to reframe your shitty actions to make you the victim, or even the hero.

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