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Comment Re:I wish... (Score 1) 51

You paid for it, it's yours forever, unless you sell it, which you can. This is ownership. This is also slightly improbable for a software resource, which is not exactly a concrete thing that can only exist in a concrete form. Hence the weird attempts to monetize it differently, which tends to make people extremely angry, although the money has to come from somewhere. Or we wind up with things like Linux, which is nice enough but not exactly world-class... but still might be a best bet. The crap Microsoft's been up to lately doesn't bear examining.

Comment Dents, chips... (Score 4, Interesting) 93

Here's the thing: my smartphones and tablets always look brand new after I've dropped them. They don't dent. They don't chip. They look perfect! They just stop working properly.

Tell me you've fixed that problem and you've got my money. In the meantime, my piece of crud $40 refurbished smartphone has the really significant advantage that I don't really care if I drop it.

Comment Re:How to get rid of the free upgrade icon? (Score 3, Insightful) 468

Seriously people are super paranoid that Microsoft is being evil by releasing a new version of their OS that is substantially better than any previous version for a free upgrade. There is no trick here. Microsoft is sick of supporting old versions and wants people to get on the evergreen windows model.

Perhaps Microsoft should create a version of Windows that people actually want to upgrade to, then? Personally, I loathe the "modern" /cough Windows 3 flat icons, and they keep dropping features that I actually use, and always, always re-arranging the furniture just so something Looks Different. Flat icons are just another ridiculous "change for the sake of change": flat, 3D this way, 3D that way, oh WTH, let's go back to flat again, we can use 3D icons in Windows 10... I mean, Windows 11, because Windows 9 is Windows 10, because, seriously... Microsoft.

I'm fine with Windows 7, thanks. I'm on a Mac/Windows machine, and I dropped using OSX because of those damned flat icons and some intrusive "you have mail!"-type notices that can't be permanently shut off. Of course, if something goes wrong on a Mac, you're not going to find useful tech support, either. If something goes wrong on Windows, in the odd event I can't fix it offhand, I'll just have to pick from the first 500,000 googled solutions.

Comment Yesterday's news. (Score 0, Offtopic) 204

If Slashdot is going to be relevant, it might start by posting news that is, you know, actually new. This story hit everywhere else days ago.

I still play WoW when I'm particularly bored. It's a dead-easy game these days, and I see no reason anyone would actually use bots. Blizz has been very slow at policing but, you can go into cities now without getting trolled by half a dozen "buy gold here" sites, any more, which is progress. To be sure, the cities tend to be empty of everyone, not just the gold-sellers.

Comment Re: Oh, Okay (Score 1) 587

If you wonder why there seems to be a big gap of 12-15 years where not a lot of new good SF authors came out in book form, except from Baen, it's because the literary elite decided SF should be about identity politics instead of about science and speculation

Or, it could be because that's what people want this decade. I'm guessing a lot of the serious SF market is spending more time on MMORPGs these days than quietly reading books in the corner, myself. At any rate, there is no gatekeeper any more, it's trivial to self-publish. Some of the big establishment names started out that way and just found it easier to let someone else handle the marketing and organization.

Comment Re:Marvel's Cinematic Universe (Score 2) 98

Look at how our government listens in (oops... "collects meta data") on all of our communication based on the current threat of a terror attack.

That's alleged threat of an alleged terror attack. It's not like this has ever been a serious issue. The government's burned billions of our dollars on, essentially, protecting us from hippopotamus roaming the street. There was one major terrorist attack, one, once, and the whole government has been running in terror and squeaking and squawking, and beating the hell out of all of us, out of utter fear and horror. The U.S. Government is totally cowardly, it's pathetic, and we might want to work on that. The NSA needs to go, immediately, it's a sick and deranged tool for the rich and privileged.

Comment oh please. I'm tired of this "diversity" bullshit. (Score 5, Insightful) 493

If women don't want to work in tech fields, that's their business. Why this is even an issue is beyond me. How is it considered a good idea to encourage more people to work in fields they're not interested in? Why is tech singled out as the one and only important field?

Comment Re:Blast from the past: the Orange Book (Score 1) 124


Most of the security enhancements envisioned for systems that will provide features and assurance in addition to that already provided by class (Al) systems are beyond current technology.

Ah, lovely. Government language at its most... statuesque. That's an incredibly awkward way to say, "Dude! We can't do it!"

Comment Re:lol capitalism. (Score 1) 76

Second, being opposed to hostile takeover is a bad thing. I will put it simply, if you owned some stock of eBay, why would you want to discourage somebody offering you a price that is higher than it is trading for today?

It is possible you are not familiar with turn-and-burn operations. A company I worked for once was acquired in a hostile takeover. Everyone was fired, most of the products were scrapped, the buildings and equipment went... all that was left was a quick profit for the takeover company and a few bits of software that could never be updated to remarket.

You are horribly ignorant or deluded if you are arguing that hostile takeovers are a good thing.

Comment Re:I dunno about LEDs, but CFLs don't last (Score 1) 602

And if your local water supply really is limited, and is being exhausted through over-use?

Then the prices would be higher, instead of being effectively fixed-rate. Also, the supplies would be reduced to the primary consumers of water, such as agriculture and golf courses, not the public households that are barely using raindrops by comparison.

Worrying about how much a toilet flushes is utterly ludicrous. That's not at all significant. It's not where the water is going. It's irrelevant.

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