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Comment: Re:Marvel's Cinematic Universe (Score 2) 98

by zephvark (#49027387) Attached to: Spider-Man Finally Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Look at how our government listens in (oops... "collects meta data") on all of our communication based on the current threat of a terror attack.

That's alleged threat of an alleged terror attack. It's not like this has ever been a serious issue. The government's burned billions of our dollars on, essentially, protecting us from hippopotamus roaming the street. There was one major terrorist attack, one, once, and the whole government has been running in terror and squeaking and squawking, and beating the hell out of all of us, out of utter fear and horror. The U.S. Government is totally cowardly, it's pathetic, and we might want to work on that. The NSA needs to go, immediately, it's a sick and deranged tool for the rich and privileged.

Comment: oh please. I'm tired of this "diversity" bullshit. (Score 5, Insightful) 493

If women don't want to work in tech fields, that's their business. Why this is even an issue is beyond me. How is it considered a good idea to encourage more people to work in fields they're not interested in? Why is tech singled out as the one and only important field?

Comment: Re:Blast from the past: the Orange Book (Score 1) 124

by zephvark (#48069813) Attached to: DARPA Delving Into the Black Art of Super Secure Software Obfuscation


Most of the security enhancements envisioned for systems that will provide features and assurance in addition to that already provided by class (Al) systems are beyond current technology.

Ah, lovely. Government language at its most... statuesque. That's an incredibly awkward way to say, "Dude! We can't do it!"

Comment: Re:lol capitalism. (Score 1) 76

by zephvark (#48032377) Attached to: eBay To Spin Off PayPal

Second, being opposed to hostile takeover is a bad thing. I will put it simply, if you owned some stock of eBay, why would you want to discourage somebody offering you a price that is higher than it is trading for today?

It is possible you are not familiar with turn-and-burn operations. A company I worked for once was acquired in a hostile takeover. Everyone was fired, most of the products were scrapped, the buildings and equipment went... all that was left was a quick profit for the takeover company and a few bits of software that could never be updated to remarket.

You are horribly ignorant or deluded if you are arguing that hostile takeovers are a good thing.

Comment: Re:I dunno about LEDs, but CFLs don't last (Score 1) 602

by zephvark (#48005697) Attached to: The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy

And if your local water supply really is limited, and is being exhausted through over-use?

Then the prices would be higher, instead of being effectively fixed-rate. Also, the supplies would be reduced to the primary consumers of water, such as agriculture and golf courses, not the public households that are barely using raindrops by comparison.

Worrying about how much a toilet flushes is utterly ludicrous. That's not at all significant. It's not where the water is going. It's irrelevant.

Do you need more synonyms to process this?

Comment: Re:in the meantime : (Score 1) 204

by zephvark (#47837151) Attached to: Dell Demos 5K Display

Yeh, 1920x1200 is chump change. I spent over $2,000 for my 1920x1600 monitor a decade or so back but, it eventually blew a capacitor, and at current display prices I was willing to accept a drop in resolution. It's nice to see that display quality is moving forward again, rather than backwards, although 24" is enough of a desk-eating behemoth that I'm doubtful about increasing the size.

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