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Data Storage

+ - Flash memory hard drive for notebooks launched

Submitted by ukhackster
ukhackster (978279) writes "Traditional magnetic hard drive platters could be on the way out, thanks to SanDisk's launch today of a hard drive based on flash memory chips. The device can store 32GB of data and is meant for notebooks. . SanDisk claims that using flash chips means faster access and better reliability, so less danger of a serious system crash wiping out all your valuable data if you drop your laptop. The downside, though, is price. At an extra $600 dollars, are price-conscious consumers going to be interested?"

+ - MySQL changes license to avoid GPLv3

Submitted by munchola
munchola (705859) writes "MySQL has quietly changed the license it uses for its database to avoid being forced to move to the forthcoming GPL v3. CBRonline is reporting that Kaj Arno, MySQL VP of community relations, revealed the license change on his blog, noting it was made "in order to make it an option, not an obligation for the company to move to GPLv3"."

+ - BitThief BT Client Downloads Without Uploading

Submitted by
Smaran writes "BitThief is a BitTorrent client developed in Zurich, Switzerland that manages to download torrents without uploading at all. It constantly pretends to be a newly arrived peer that doesn't have any bits to upload. It also doesn't prioritise bits and takes whatever it can get. Torrentfreak writes that such a client could be extremely harmful to BitTorrent swarms and hopes that it will be quickly banned from trackers. Since it's written in Java, it can be launched on any platform."

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