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Comment: Re:Or hey, maybe we need (Score 2) 599 599

I am not American. I agree with neither/both of you and agree the same. However, some people do NOT choose to live somewhere, they're BORN there. Unless you're asking to 1) Abandon their family or 2) Force their family to move, some people live in inconvenient places for reasons not of their choosing...

Comment: Re: Idiot Parents (Score 5, Insightful) 569 569

Precisely; I am a father of two. I believe I have done a very good job.

Just say one of my kids 'goes rogue' and... shoplifts. Does that suddenly mean I did a bad job?

Even if I did teach right from wrong from birth? At some age you have to understand children think for themselves, know right from wrong, and maybe just choose wrong.

I do not believe this should reflect on (me | us) as (a) parent(s)...

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