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Comment Idiots Induce Anger..News @11 (Score 1) 917

The real issue is that when you work with others and the others wont follow the rules after being told repeatedly what needs to be done then the attitude is going to flow. If you have told someone over and over how to do something and they won't do it then you scream and belittle them until they either start doing what was told to them or they can quit. Mr. Torvalds doesn't get angry for no reason. It is ALWAYS because of some idiot, err person, not following the rules. Being a woman or man has not a damn thing to do with it. Sometimes people don't realize how hot the kitchen is until they walk in. Astronauts have to shit in a bag but you don't hear them bitching about it on NASA. This fucking PC crap has about reached its limits

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 446

I will give this one to you for free. Ever heard of the term 'punk'?? Not like the 'punk' Clint Eastwood is referring to, but the 'punk' like skateboard punk. When you have a bad attitude and you hang out in the alleys and ditches and whatnot, you get a mentality against little fucks who have it made, so to speak. Now it has been a looong time since I may or may not have hung out with those types of n'er do wells, but we, err, they liked to break stuff and steal stuff and some of them may have beat up a few 'preps'. We now have the internet and encryption and ALL kinds of hidden groups into what ever you wanna be into or not. I'm sure there are a group of little fucks who think doing this type of thing is 'cool'. Mr. teacherman told me it was 'evolution' :/

Comment Re:Time is money (Score 0) 281

Straw man argument. It is always about the money. Can't do something because it is right. Only if it makes money. Sometimes there are better reasons to do something besides money. I USED to get network cards back in the day with drivers for DOS, Windows, Redhat, Netware, Mac OS all on a floppy. It should be understood that any hardware made has drivers that need to be written and it is part of the cost of development of said hardware. I think the Winmodem is what started this crap to begin with. MS paying companies to make it ONLY Windows compatible. The whole open source movement is to make standards so our machines can communicate together. Money will be made either way. Greedy money is what kills shit....I digress.

Comment Re:MS Office & Games. (Score 0) 281

I was just using the keyboard as an example. Maybe I should have said 'video card' or maybe an off the shelf 'inkjet' with fancy fax software or maybe a 'TV tuner card' etc. Forgot that if I am not specific, pedantry will spring forward eternal. The point was that when I look at the install CD of a new piece of hardware, 95 times out of a 100, there are no Linux drivers. It is the mentality of the manufacturers' to not include or cause hoops to be jumped through to get drivers. OR, more likely, some person writes in compatibility and submits it to the repo for all of us who can't write drivers. That is great and all, but that should be done by the manufacturer.

Comment MS Office & Games. (Score 0) 281

That is pretty much the only thing holding most peeps back to Windows. No one wants to hear about alternatives. We want our AAA titles on Linux and we want Office. Also, as a sub note, peripherals. We shouldn't have to wait until Mr. Torvalds writes in compatibility for my new keyboard. This is not a mark against him, rather an inspiration for others to join in, so to speak. The peripheral is not ready for sale if it doesn't have drivers written for it. And Linux needs a driver. I would assume MS has the money keys to keep it this way for a while longer, but hopefully this too will fade away.

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