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Comment: Re:The founding documents present a path... (Score 0, Interesting) 160 160

The straw was back in elementary school when I learned that Christopher Columbus discovered America......with people on it. Then the second straw was The War on Drugs with a soon to follow third straw, which was the PMRC. As I got older I learned that there was a whole fucking hayfield of straw. -- One nation under God. Please change that. Not really interested in getting Sodomized by the Lord. If He decides to come back from his fishing trip and sees this shitty country acting like drunk whores, then that is exactly what we deserve. -- Warm beer fucking sucks ass.

Comment: Re:The founding documents present a path... (Score 5, Interesting) 160 160

Unfortunately, I am too poor to make the trip to Washington D.C. to help replace the government. I am also unarmed. My vote is weightless, as it cannot fall on either side of the fence given. I hear so much grumbling in the wind. I have heard it since the '70s. 40+ years later, NOTHING. Riots where people destroy their own neighborhoods is not what I want to sign up for. Seems if say, like 60,000,000 of us show up in Washington D.C. then maybe we can rip out the old fence and put up a new one with sides that mean something. Slavery is alive and well in the USA. We are slaves to our own greed. And selfishness. And fear. And hate. And Government. And the Government Minded. But I believe these are treasonous words in this police state, and I fear I may end up in Gitmo. SO... I retract all that was previously stated and label this for "entertainment purposes only".

Comment: In Texas..... (Score -1) 1080 1080

I can now LEGALLY marry a penis but I still can't LEGALLY smoke a joint. I can join the military at age 18, but I can't legally buy alcohol at the corner store. I can evolve from a monkey, but I have yet to have an urge to eat fleas. FUCK THIS SHITHOLE AND ALL THE ASSHOLES WHO MADE IT THIS WAY. ANARCHY FOREVER. ENJOY THAT SATAN PENIS.

Comment: Re:When people aren't used to seeing extensions (Score -1) 564 564

Ironically I like to run a .bat file that removes ALL extensions from my Windows installs. Been doing it since DOS. My directory listings are so much cleaner now. Only real drawback is that I always have to use my friends PC to see anything in them!!!

Comment: Re:This is no surprise... (Score 1) 288 288

Well, that's just it. We don't have to willingly submit to Oracle. The software is free. Sometimes the analogy of a broken clock being right twice a day applies. In the fly by night world of free software, sometimes it is nice to have something that is cross platform, free, and backed by a large company. This software is VERY useful to a LOT of people and until it breaks or can't function, it will continue to be used. P.S. There may be a handful of us that know ALL corporations are jacked and so we don't care where it comes from as long as it works and peeps have checked it for holes.

You can do this in a number of ways. IBM chose to do all of them. Why do you find that funny? -- D. Taylor, Computer Science 350