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Comment: Re:Something From Nothing. (Score 0) 393

by zenlessyank (#46677701) Attached to: Why Are We Made of Matter?
Math does not dictate reality. Reality dictates math. There are many things we,you,them cannot comprehend. Time is a prime example. Time never 'started'. It has always been. Humans have a hard time grasping the concept of something never having a 'beginning'. It makes our head hurt just trying to conceptualize it. Another concept is 'will'. Matter and energy do not have a 'will'. They have 'laws' and 'characteristics' that define them. Humans have a 'will' and try to further it most all the time. I understand not liking being tossed into a game that You didn't want to play, but to try to make up some disillusioning story is a bad service to society. Just because I know how to fix my car doesn't mean I know how to create the car. The knowledge we have before us today is intoxicating, and leads us to misuse our will. And to that end is Evil. Which can only exist in the form of Will. You have been warned.

Comment: Something From Nothing. (Score -1, Flamebait) 393

by zenlessyank (#46677445) Attached to: Why Are We Made of Matter?
You gullible idiots really think matter and giant 'big bang', which is a high energy event, just popped up from nowhere. Let me know when you can make matter out of empty space. Then let me know when that matter can make itself. An object stays at rest unless acted on by an outside force. But here on Earth, matter can just pop out of nowhere and dumbasses believe it. And with all these different looking humans that have evolved 4 arms and 12 legs and extra heads and lungs... O yea, we all still look the same.. FOOLS!!!

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And eventually we will snap. And when we do, it will be game over with this game of lies. Don't forget we are armed and own the keys to every base in this country. So, I advise you enjoy your moment in the sun, because soon, when you least expect it, SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are in a maze of little twisting passages, all alike.