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Comment: Re:Why is this slashdot worthy? (Score 1) 408

by zen-theorist (#28777725) Attached to: Lawyer Jailed For Contempt Is Freed After 14 Years
In your hypothetical case, this would not count as evidence then, and the prosecution will have to find other forms of evidence. It is the prosecutions job to find the evidence, not the judges. I wonder why the guy did not say he liquidated the 5mil into, say, cash. And subsequently had the money stolen from him. He might have to show proof of a bank transaction of the liquidation, which he could have done. But IMO he does not have to prove that the money was stolen from him. Any legal opinions?

Comment: Re:Work Experience (Score 1) 834

by zen-theorist (#27917533) Attached to: Go For a Masters, Or Not?

Now, in one hand I've got an M.S. that I'm only superficially proud of because it does not represent the full extent of my abilities. In the other hand, I've got excellent performance reviews for a job I have no pride in and a bunch of clueless co-workers and managers who are congratulating me for "finally finishing college".

I gotta say, that sounds ingrateful and snobbish considering the financial comfort your company gave you during your studies.

Comment: Re:Google will have to pay (Score 1) 408

by zen-theorist (#27631463) Attached to: What the Pirate Bay Verdict Could Mean For Google

That is exactly what is happening. The newspapers are going after Google for money. They want to charge Google for the headlines and short blurbs on the Google News page.

Essentially, everything on the web is copyrighted, Google has money, so people are going to start going after Google. Precedents like this are going to make things worse.

Google will respond with the obvious: "Set up robots.txt and we wont crawl you" - hastening the demise of the newspaper. Worse, if thrust with a lawsuit, Google will proactively block the newspaper, and the remaining newspapers will shut the f up.

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