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Comment: Nexus One (Score 3, Informative) 233

by zen-o-matic (#30431754) Attached to: "Nexus One" Is Google's Android Phone
It has been confirmed that Nexus One is made by HTC.
Some pics of the beast:

And then there's Sony Ericsson's Xperia X10 which is also a KILLER phone:

Both are probably hitting the stores in January 2010.

Comment: There's a better solution.... (Score 1) 360

by zen-o-matic (#30422580) Attached to: EU Recommends Noise Limits On MP3 Players
This problem can be solved much more easily: get a pair of good noise cancelling / in-ear headphones (Sony, Sennheiser et al.) and there's no need for high levels of volume anymore. For example, I listen to music for hours every day and I've never had to crank up the volume more than 50% on my Creative Zen because I have good headphones. (If you stood behind me and screamed or fired a gun and I wouldn't hear a thing.) Perhaps some consumer education is in place?

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