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Comment: Re:Two basic steps (Score 1) 245

by zedmelon (#39804093) Attached to: Microsoft Says Two Basic Security Steps Might Have Stopped Conficker

Not to mention that they allege this was the case six months ago. Curious--albeit not enough to RTFA--as to why they sat on such a golden nugget of PR for so long. My inner cynic is tempted to envision this:

Hrm... Okay, next security vulnerability. This one was submitted 2011/09/29.
(several minutes of analysis pass)
Hey! We fixed this one already. Hey boss! Come here! I GOT ONE!!!


+ - Magnetic Microprocessors, UltraEfficient Computing->

Submitted by zedmelon
zedmelon (583487) writes "According to researchers at the University of California-Berkeley, http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2011-07/future-magnetic-microprocessors-will-be-1-million-times-more-efficient-todays-computers">electron-free magnetic microprocessors would use 1 million times less energy per flop than today’s computers. At 18 thousandths of an electron volt--the "merest whiff of energy"--they would consume the least amount of energy allowed by the second law of thermodynamics and generate an infinitesimal amount of the waste heat exhibited by today's microprocessors."
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Journal: November One 2

Journal by zedmelon
Okay, so it's only still officially the first of November in a time zone or two. The late post is partially because I wanted to actually watch The Daily Show for once and partially because I took so long to find the damn CD.

Journal: Eclipse My Ass 6

Journal by zedmelon
The world is flat.

There are a few dozen or so infidels across the land who are planting seeds of an appaling fabrication, saying the world is not the center of the universe but rather it orbits the sun.


They say the moon in turn orbits the world (at least it's not entirely delusional) and that occasionally the world passes BETWEEN the moon and sun, casting its shadow on the moon, a spectacle ultimately visible from the ground.

User Journal

Journal: OMG SHUT UP! 11

Journal by zedmelon
This morning we had breakfast and bought dog food. When we arrived at the checkout counter, the girl who helped us had a--forgive me if there is a more politically correct term--lazy eye.

Journal: a question that might be less stupid 5

Journal by zedmelon
At least hopefully it's less stupid. I keep finding this in my web server log. It only happens when I'm browsing slashdot. There's definitely a cause and effect thing going on here, but what is it? [timestamp] "GET http://slashdot.org/ok.txt HTTP/1.0" 404

It'll occur maybe once per /. session, but this second will happen frequently (~7 in 1d12 </BlastFromPast>) while I'm slashdotting:


Journal: Moderation IX 2

Journal by zedmelon

I've been really good at my "sparingly" approach to distractions (including /.) lately. At least I thought so. I stayed logged in for a few days and noticed in blinder's JE about Ep III that I have mod points again. I feel bad for letting so many points expire in the last couple-three months, so I'm going to try to get them all done in the next (insert timespan here).

I am a computer. I am dumber than any human and smarter than any administrator.