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Submission + - Digital Freedom advocates on the board of French Anti-Piracy Organisation

ze_jua writes: Paris, France. April 1st 2014.

There's lot of political activity right now in France, after last week end's local elections, where President François Holland's party lost several cities. Yesterday, Monday March 31th., J.M. Ayrault resigned as Prime Minister.

Earlier on same day, now former French Culture Minister, Aurélie Filippetti, in a last-ditch struggle, named some of World's most active advocates of Internet Neutrality and Digital Freedom on the board of France's infamous HADOPI, the governmental agency tasked to fight piracy by various and questionable ways.

The new members of HADOPI are Richard Stallman, Jérémie Zimmermann and Maxime Rouquet.

Filippetti, a heavy opponent of HADOPI when the organization was created in 2009 by the Parliament, was unable to get rid of it, even with the Minister position she had since 2012. This last move is a great revenge for her.

Official document [in French]. Maybe fake ??

Full story [in French]

Submission + - Hardware is dead (

ze_jua writes: "In this article, Jay Goldberg, a financial analyst who travels to Shenzhen several times a year, analyses the potential consequences of the very low cost of hardware he found there on the consumer electronic industry worldwide.

He wrote this piece of text after he found a very nice $45 Androïd 4 tablet. Are we so close of given away tablets?"


Submission + - The serial killer never existed - German CSI owned (

ze_jua writes: In Germany, police tracked an unknown and very dangerous serial killer for two years, when they discovered that the cotton swabs that they were using to collect DNA samples were contaminated, certainly by DNA of an employe at the factory.

From the article : The murderer dubbed "The Phantom of Heilbronn" had been baffling German investigators for two years. The criminal was a rarity, a female serial killer, and a very busy one: Police had linked DNA evidence from 40 crimes — including the famous homicide of a policewoman in the southern German town of Heilbronn — to the same woman. (...)

Full article here.


Submission + - Acid3 : the race is over. (

ze_jua writes: Tonight, people at Opera sent a ticket, saying that they successfully passed the Acid3.

From the article:
I have a quick update on where we are with Acid3.
Since the test was officially announced recently, our Core developers have been hard at work fixing bugs and adding the missing standards support.
Today we reached a 100% pass rate for the first time! There are some remaining issues yet to be fixed, but we hope to have those sorted out shortly.


Submission + - Terra Soft to build a PS3 cluster

ze_jua writes: "10th of october 2006. Terra Soft Solutions ( ) announced they are building two clusters with 'old' Playstation3-beta as nodes. These machines were used by game developpers before the availability of the "real" console.

Few details were given, but we know that the datacenter can host about 1200 2U racks (the machine comes in a 2U server rack), and that the clusters will run Yellow Dog Linux ( , the future distro from TerraSoft.

Here's the article linked from the TerraSoft website :

From another article on the subject ( ) :
Still, even a 500-node PS3 cluster could deliver 100 teraflops of peak power and maybe 30 to 50 teraflops of performance. (It is very hard to say, since the Cell chip has not been tuned for Linpack or any other benchmark yet.) The amazing thing is that even if two-thirds of the performance of the PS3 cluster went up the chimney, at $599 for a top-end PS3, a 30 teraflops cluster for under $300,000"

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