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+ - Digital Freedom advocates on the board of French Anti-Piracy Organisation

Submitted by ze_jua
ze_jua (910531) writes "Paris, France. April 1st 2014.

There's lot of political activity right now in France, after last week end's local elections, where President François Holland's party lost several cities. Yesterday, Monday March 31th., J.M. Ayrault resigned as Prime Minister.

Earlier on same day, now former French Culture Minister, Aurélie Filippetti, in a last-ditch struggle, named some of World's most active advocates of Internet Neutrality and Digital Freedom on the board of France's infamous HADOPI, the governmental agency tasked to fight piracy by various and questionable ways.

The new members of HADOPI are Richard Stallman, Jérémie Zimmermann and Maxime Rouquet.

Filippetti, a heavy opponent of HADOPI when the organization was created in 2009 by the Parliament, was unable to get rid of it, even with the Minister position she had since 2012. This last move is a great revenge for her.

Official document [in French]. Maybe fake ??

Full story [in French]"

Comment: Re:There are other jobs than programming (Score 1) 340

by ze_jua (#44723575) Attached to: For Education, Why TI-83 > iPad

Yes. but computers are everywhere. On your desk. In your bag. In your car. In your watch. In your TV. In the soil moisture sensor my father uses in his farm. etc.

Computers are today's paper. Software is the pen. If you don't know programming basics, you are limited to use pre-printed forms and you can only check the predefined boxes. There is no "additional informations" field.

Everyone know how to draw some lines on a blank paper sheet. Writing TI-83 programs is the same skill for today's world.

Comment: Re:slowly but steadily MS and Nokia will rise agai (Score 1) 178

by ze_jua (#44417747) Attached to: Nokia Lumia 1020 Video and Photo Shoot Preview

Yes, Nokia is Nokia. But Microsoft is Microsoft to, and nobody there wants a Windows Phone in their pockets.

I have only Nokia phones since 1999. I love this company, even with the Symbian debacle.

My N97 is dying. This Nok 1020 has great hardware, but I don't want it because of Windows. I prefer to focus on the HTC One, which is 9000 times less fixable than all the apple stuff that I love to hate.

If all these Lumia8xx/9xx/10xx were running Android...

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