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+ - Gogo airline network blocks youtube.. when they could just fix their bufferbloat-> 1

Submitted by mtaht
mtaht (603670) writes "David Reed (best known for the e2e argument) rants at Gogo Inflight's interception of https and suggests that: "It is the wrong solution... there’s a technically better one. I use GoGo a lot. I’ve discovered that their system architecture suffers from “bufferbloat” (the same problem that caused Comcast to deploy Sandvine DPI gear to discover and attack bittorrent with “forged TCP” packet attacks, and jump-started the political net neutrality movement by outraging the Internet user community). Why does that matter? Well, if GoGo eliminated bufferbloat, streaming to the airplane would not break others’ connections, but would not work at all, with *no effort on Gogo’s part* other than fixing the bufferbloat problem. [The reason is simple — solutions to bufferbloat eliminate buffering *in the network*, thereby creating "fair" distribution of capacity among flows. That means that email and web surfing would get a larger share than streaming or big FTP's, and would not be disrupted by user attempts to stream YouTube or Netflix. At the same time, YouTube and Netflix connections would get their fair share, which is *not enough* to sustain video rates — though lower-quality video might be acceptable, if those services would recode their video to low-bitrate for this limited rate access].""
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+ - Devuan progress report published

Submitted by zdzichu
zdzichu (100333) writes "The group of anonymous Italians behind the DebianFork published first progress report. It covers wide-ranging topics: the 4.5k€ of donations received so far, moving distro infrastructure from GitHub to GitLab, progress on LoginKit (which replaces systemd's logind), fraud accusations, logo discussions and few more important points."

Comment: Re:It's moments like this ... (Score 1) 572

by zdzichu (#48220493) Attached to: FTDI Removes Driver From Windows Update That Bricked Cloned Chips

Don't worry, similar driver modification was proposed for inclusion – . But Linux maintainers didn't took it. Instead, original driver was adjusted to work with FTDIs ”bricked” by Windows driver:

Linux is not fun anymore.

Comment: Re:This naming trend has to stop (Score 1) 188

by zdzichu (#47592703) Attached to: The XBMC Project Will Now Be Called Kodi

This also applies to libraries too. For example, anyone know what 'liborc', 'libnettle', 'libenchant', 'libmagic' or 'libcanberra' are without looking it up? I just picked these at random from /usr/lib. There are plenty more.

I knew the purpose of 4 out of 5 of those libraries. But I'm the distro developer. Ordinary user has no business in knowing what library does what.

Comment: Re:Motherboards (Score 1) 237

by zdzichu (#46127513) Attached to: Now On Video: GCHQ Destroying Laptop Full of Snowden Disclosures

NSA certainly bugs ethernet sockets – see .
The amount of destruction on motherboard teaches us a thing: GCHQ destroyed elements they KNOW could be used for storing data/snooping. So we say ”morons”, but they actually are ahead of us in spying. And they expect other intelligences to have similar capacities as NSA/GCHQ.

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