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Comment: Hmmm. (Score 1) 344

by zcold (#34048686) Attached to: FarmVille Now Worth More Than EA
Ha, so thats what? 2 cents total? Obviously I kid, but seriously, EA hasnt really done much good lately. Their games are stale, ever since (and possibly before) they murdered the NFS series, porche unleashed was amazing... Then it had to go gangster etc... Gangsters and Boobs sell... /eorant Do I see a FarmBoobs in the future of Zynga? I sure hope and farm that... home boy.

Comment: Re:Yes - Rogers Does it. (Score 1) 486

by zcold (#33807270) Attached to: Should ISPs Cut Off Bot-infected Users?
Rogers Canada used to cuts my brothers internet off all the time (he lives in a house with like 12 people) I think its a good policy, though they are not very helpful in tracking it down. They also cut the internet at my work recently. On this occasion they were able to tell us the servers it was trying to access and the times it tried, which was helpful in tracking down the infection but for the most part they just tell you to get rid of the infection or else we cut you off for good.. I told my brother to make sure everyone in the house ran malwarebytes a few times every now and then and the problem went away.

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