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Submission + - Goodwill Plain Red Vase Contest (Create something)

zbuckholz writes: Goodwill Red Vase Contest

Today my wife and I took our two kids to Goodwill during our morning travels and we found this beautiful but plain red glass vase. It's square in shape with the top opening being larger than the bottom, the approximate dimensions are: 10 ½ cm width at the top and 7 ½ cm width at the bottom, the height of the vase is 23 cm.

We are going to let you decide what design we should laser engrave into the glass.

We will be soliciting ideas, and allowing users to comment on which idea they like the best. At the end of the contest whom ever we feel has the most positive comments will have their idea brought to life and the finished item given to them for free.

There is no cost to enter the contest, just look at the pictures of the plain red vase and submit your engraving in an image format you can post to our message forum. Submit as many engraving ideas as you wish.

We recommend the use of the following open-source graphic programs because we are familiar with them and use them ourselves.


This contest will run until the end of January, the winner will be selected by February 5th, and the final selection engraved into the plain red vase by February 10th.

Comment How about a patch release to fix the crash problem (Score 1) 105

How about they release a patch to fix the constant crashing problem. Not to mention the license issue, tech support told me it's a known issue that every time I launch the game it registers as a new installation. It's a nice game I just wish we could play longer than five minutes before another crash.

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