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Submission + - New York Times Targetted By Chinese Hackers->

zbobet2012 writes: The New York Times is reporting that is was the target of hacking attacks of Chinese origin. The hacking is purportedly in response to printed news regarding the wealth of China's prime minister, Wen Jiabao. The attack was apparently carried out through comprised American university networks. The involved security firm has stated that it is likely the attack was carried out by an arm of the Chinese Military.
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Submission + - Apple Wins Partial Victory In Patent War->

zbobet2012 writes: Apple has apparently won a victory in the US ITC, that while subject to repeal blocks HTC from importing phones starting April 19th based on patents including calling a phone number in an email or text message, and setting up calendar appointments for dates mentioned in emails.
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Wireless Networking

Submission + - Comcast, TWC Sell Wireless Spectrum to Verizon for->

zbobet2012 writes: Comcast and TWC have announced the sale of a large set of wireless spectrum to Verizon Wireless. Comcast has also announced a partnering with Verizion on products and service. Verizon stepping on its own FIOS service seems a bit interesting, but maybe for the 100 Million Verizon Wireless subscribers this may mean live video to mobile devices as an opt in.
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Submission + - Microsoft download instructions use firefox.

zbobet2012 writes: I was recently attempting to download Microsoft powershell in my Firefox 1.5 browser, when prompted to install the Windows Genuine Advantage plugin I noticed something funny, the download instructions picture was for a Firefox download manager window . So I grabbed a screenie of the download and its adress. Here it is (Click to go to orginal): And a link to my screen cap in case someone takes it down: Screen cap. This means one of two things, either Microsoft is now partially supporting Firefox on there website or someone used it to right the tutorial!

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