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On a Mac, the trackpad is both a pointer-based interface and a touch based gesture interface. Move one finger around and the cursor moves. Swipe up and down with two fingers and the content in the current application moves up and down, pinch in or out with two fingers and the content zooms in and out. Rotate with two fingers and the content rotates around as well. While doing any of these gestures, the cursor does not move, the gesture is manipulating the content of the application window or performing some kind of other action like showing the desktop or invoking launch pad.

Do you consider a touch based interface only when you're prodding at the actual screen with your fingers? Or, do we need to find another term when the touching is happening on a part of a device that is not also displaying the content?

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by zbaron (#42636155) Attached to: Amazon Sidesteps App Store Business Model, Plays Back MP3s From Safari

I would bet that the SDKs for native app development were in development simultaneously with iPhone development.

Of course they were. How do you think the Apple provided native Apps were built? In fact, when the SDK was announced, it was announced as giving third party developers access to the same tools that Apple used to build their own native Apps.

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by zbaron (#40125975) Attached to: Cisco All But Kills Cius Tablet

Why would you need that, when you can easily use so many bluetooth or microphones built into headphones?

So very true. However, a lot of people out there still prefer to grab "the phone" when it rings or pick it up when they want to talk to someone. Besides, have you ever tried to slam down a bluetooth headset when it all just got too much?

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by zbaron (#40124761) Attached to: Cisco All But Kills Cius Tablet
Yes, they do support PoE when docked in the media station.

They also require connectivity to a WLAN at all times for signalling, but will use the wired LAN for voice/video when docked. I must be one of the very few people who actually make use of a Cius, it has a lot of promise as a device that combines a video phone and with the addition KDM, a VDI client that you can pick up and take with you when you leave your desk.

There are some "version 1" issues of course, like the the hdmi display being limited to only to mirroring at the moment and I believe they are the only available Atom based Android tablet, so it does run warmer than others. I however think a 7" screen is too small when trying to use a tablet as a replacement for a laptop for things like note taking in meetings.

Now, if the Cius tablet is going away, might we see a dock for an iDevice that has a telephone handset?

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