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Comment Re:They have the Internet, Down Under? (Score 1) 85

In addition to the inet_ntoa and inet_aton and related calls, we have a special inet_ntoaustralia that all TCP stacks here have to implement. It flips the 1's and 0's vertically, so they appear to be in the correct orientation to the host.

Comment Re:Right. (Score 1) 379

On a Mac, the trackpad is both a pointer-based interface and a touch based gesture interface. Move one finger around and the cursor moves. Swipe up and down with two fingers and the content in the current application moves up and down, pinch in or out with two fingers and the content zooms in and out. Rotate with two fingers and the content rotates around as well. While doing any of these gestures, the cursor does not move, the gesture is manipulating the content of the application window or performing some kind of other action like showing the desktop or invoking launch pad.

Do you consider a touch based interface only when you're prodding at the actual screen with your fingers? Or, do we need to find another term when the touching is happening on a part of a device that is not also displaying the content?

Comment Re:Right. (Score 1) 379

That's a good starting point but not the hard part. The basic the problem with that is how to converge the touch-based and pointer-based (mouse/trackpad) paradigms. Apple hasn't even started yet.

Actually, Apple have. For a long time. Their touch based input is via their trackpads.

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