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Comment: Screwed Either Way (Score 1) 440

by zaxus (#46622043) Attached to: Million Jars of Peanut Butter Dumped In New Mexico Landfill

Costco is screwed no matter which option they choose here. If they had donated the peanut butter, the headlines would have been "Costco donates potentially tainted peanut butter to NM food banks." Either way, they end up with a tarnished image, even if all of the peanut butter is untainted.

In this case it sounds like the product was damaged anyway, with peanut oil leaking out of the jars, so they made a decision not to sell or donate damaged merchandise. Since they were screwed either way, this was likely the least damaging of the two options.

Comment: Re:Booze Bus (Score 2) 783

by bakes (#45470509) Attached to: Texas Drivers Stopped At Roadblock, Asked For Saliva, Blood

We're not even considering the terrible road designs like all way stops. Yep, all roads have a stop sign. In theory you give way to your right, in reality it's whoever has the balls to go first

I've been to South Africa a few times, they have 4-way stop signs too. The way it works there is when you get to the line, everyone who is already stopped on the other entries goes before you, then you go. All-in-all it works quite well. In fact, when they have one of their frequent power outages and the traffic lights go out, the drivers just treat the intersection as a 4-way stop and get on with it.

Comment: Oblig. Freakazoid Reference (Score 1) 259

by zaxus (#45369705) Attached to: Canonical Targets Ubuntu Privacy Critic

"NO! Get out of here with that Ubuntu, and lay off the poor Linux, will ya?! SHEEZE! You're a creep! Go away, we were having a good time until you showed up, Canonical! ARGH! Go have some coffee with cream, or something! Because I'll tell you something! This is a happy place!"

Seriously, I'm going back to Debian after this crap...

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