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by disposable60 (#47515031) Attached to: Amazon Fire Phone Reviews: Solid But Overly Ambitious

Don't confuse Broadcaster (local, with local ads, and merely 'affiliated' with a network) and the Network (National, with national ads). The broadcasters's business model strongly resembles the car dealerships', and just like Tesla is getting well-funded pushback from the dealers, a proposed change in that model will get pushback from the state and local pols that depend on local TV to advertise in their districts.

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by disposable60 (#47445051) Attached to: Geographic Segregation By Education

A degree doesn't guarantee diddly - had a colleague, a hardware EE FIVE years out of school, who was unable over the course of a 4 month project to remember the difference between a BJT and a MOSFET, for between the two polarities thereof.

Most frustrating as the circuit in question used all 4 types, and every review had to start from square one or, at best two. FIVE years in industry.

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