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Wireless Networking

+ - Create a 802.11g Access Point with a cheap card

Submitted by
zascandil writes "I have written a post in my blog where I explain how to deploy a 802.11g Access Point with a cheap PCI wireless card. I hope readers found and well explained my post. There are nice features that offers the use of the madwifi driver and this card: — The card SMC is quite cheap to find, and the madwifi driver works with 54 and 108 Mbps cards. — The madwifi driver makes use of VAPs or Virtual Access Points, which allows to establish not only the interface in Master mode, but also to create several wireless interfaces, which it is nice for Wireless communities, you could establish a virtual interface without any encryption for the public interface, an encrypted one for your own use, or a managed mode for bridging to other Access Points. — This driver works in different distributions and kernels. I succesfully made it to work in RedHat and lately in Debian, using kernels 2.4.x and 2.6.x Comments are more than welcome :)"

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