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+ - Apple forbidden to sell iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPad with UMTS in Germany->

Submitted by cccc828
cccc828 (740705) writes "German news site heise reports that Motorola won an injunction against Apple for violating EU patent 0847654. In this injunction the court in Mannheim forbids Apple to sell iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPad with UMTS via their online store. The products can still be bought in brick and mortar stores and from other online retailers."
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Comment: Re:Must everything in education be an overreaction (Score 1) 134

by zarzu (#38902885) Attached to: Estonian Tech University Bans Notebooks and Smartphones
If someone has a problem with laptops and/or smartphones (which we can assume to be silent and not playing 100db porn) in lectures disturbing their learning, the problem isn't the person using said device. The problem is your attention sucks and you need to figure out a way to get around it yourself. Electronic devices are absolutely non intrusive in lectures and if the prof has a problem because not everyone is looking attentive to the front then tough shit, chances are that person is paying attention even while using the device, wouldn't pay anymore attention without the device, or would not even be there.

Comment: Re:tell me if my understanding is wrong but: (Score 2) 580

by zarzu (#35515418) Attached to: US Alarmed Over Japan's Nuclear Crisis

therefore, the only real emergency solutions i see, correct me if i am wrong, is either: 1. get some new backup generators there asap, or 2. run some emergency electrical lines to the power plant asap

Incidentally, this is what they are doing. But since power isn't restored just by clapping your hands, they're doing whatever they can to delay meltdowns and spread of radiation.

Comment: Re:Avatar is what? (Score 1) 298

by zarzu (#34697704) Attached to: Can Movies Inspire Kids To Be Future Scientists?
And the fact that the article is about emotions helps you how? You said the protagonists in avatar are scientists, they aren't. The scientists are very clearly side characters. That this qualifies for their "it just needs a bit of science sprinkled in to help us grow science-interested kids" is obvious since they point it out as an example, but it still doesn't make your statement true. How about you read what you write next time?

Comment: Re:Avatar is what? (Score 2) 298

by zarzu (#34693218) Attached to: Can Movies Inspire Kids To Be Future Scientists?
Oh really? And there I was thinking the main character was a former marine who had absolutely no understanding of science and simply stumbled into everything. I was also under the misconception that the whole movie was resolved in an armed conflict, where scientists were hardly more than feel-good side characters that provided the necessary moral frame for the main act, which was senseless war.

Comment: Re:Disneyland Analogy (Score 1) 400

by zarzu (#34602176) Attached to: Look Forward To Per-Service, Per-Page Fees
There are loads. The first that just came to mind was xkcd. Most websites of corporations do not have any kind of ads since they do not need to make money over their internet presentation, it's simply an additional service. Web shops generally do not have ads either, they only feature their own products. Then there are tons and tons of personal web sites without ads because they are low traffic and hardly cost anything per month/year. The whole ad thing only comes into play for sites that have high traffic requirements but do not have anything to sell themselves (other than space for ads). So in conclusion mostly social platforms and information providers that aren't able to sell registrations because the information they provide is too easily accessible from thousands of other sources.

Comment: Re:Discover Magazine has fallen for it (Score 2) 112

by zarzu (#34601826) Attached to: Exposing the Link Between Cell Phones and Fertility
If you read the article you linked to, you'd know that they didn't. People are just linking to the article explaining the honeypot, which is exactly what happens if you release an article about the experiment at the same time as the honeypot. This whole thing is utterly senseless.

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