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Comment Re:Sci-fi not predicting far enough? (Score 1) 479

You're wrong. deus is actually a quite regular noun, and so is machina. It's never di, ever. In the context of: . I can come up with my own deus ex machinas, thank you. 'deus ex machina', Englished, then pluralized, would be Gods from Machines, because anything else sounds just plain wierd. Therefore, in latin, it's Dei ex Machinas. And, Ablative is not a tense, and we're not talking about the vocative. Obviously, if 'from' took the ablative case in english, it's retarded, because WE DON'T HAVE AN ABLATIVE CASE. And, when cicero said "O di immortales," that's the vocative.

Comment Re:Not News!! (Score 1) 843

You know, having zero doubt about anything is pretty nice and fluffy to have. So, for this, i'm sorry: I have a 17' laptop, Ubuntu 9.10 installs on it flawlessly. Every time i put in the winsux install disk and boot it up, it bluescreens. I don't know if that's 'vastly superior', but in my humble experience, both Linux and windows have supported hardware the exact same, until i got me a shiny new 17' laptop.

Comment Re:TJ (Score 1) 442

Yup, I remember seeing their logo suddenly appear at the start of Westwood games after one update, just before the games began to suck. Definitely a brand to avoid.

Earth and Beyond was ****ing amazing. that was when they published good games. Then, they canceled it. Then they started making crap games. Then Spore redeemed them, a little bit. Tiberian Sun was great. Keep in mind that for the good games, EA was the publisher, and NOT the developer, so as a developer, avoid them. As a publisher, whatever.

Comment Re:Impressive. (Score 1) 111

One word helped me understand: Fanboys Especially with the app store, the idea had already existed for a long time, but pretty much wasn't used. Somehow, when apple comes out with something innovative, all previous existences of the same idea are wiped from the collective puiblic's mind, much like 1984, but controlled by a corporation and not the government. Nokia had an app store for a long time, t-mobile had T-zones, and there were probably others that i dont know about, including nintendo's online store(even though its not mobile). The way i see it, apple took Nintendo's online store (because it was the best) and put it on a phone with a touchscreen, which wasn't an original idea from apple either.

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