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Comment: Re:Here's how to secure your "Internet of things" (Score 2) 106

by zarthrag (#46587321) Attached to: Security for the 'Internet of Things' (Video)

Additionally, they should be on an isolated internal network, wired whenever possible. A server or appliance in your house can manage said "things". Every single vendor who supplies you with 'things" shouldn't force you to use their (likely vulnerable) web portal or service, just supply some drivers/documentation, and part ways.

Comment: Re:I went back to corporate America because Obamac (Score 4, Insightful) 578

by zarthrag (#46472939) Attached to: White House: Get ACA Insurance Coverage, Launch Start-Ups

The government doesn't set prices for procedures. The fed could extend the medicare pricing list to everyone instead of having to deal with each insurance company's "negotiated pricing" and arcane "most favored nation" contract rules. Or maybe employers could be required to offer up the cash that would have been spent on the company health plan so you can shop for yourself. Shopping for insurance across state lines would certainly be nice! Also, repealing state regulations that limit the size/capacity of hospitals.

My HSA should stay that way, if it's my money, no one should be able to take it but me! ...Actually, I wish my HSA could be grown and used as some kind of bond-like health insurance that also lowers my own premiums over time.

There are lots of political problems that could be fixed without repealing the ACA. 99% of it is removing greed, the #1 killer in America.

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