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Comment Re:It's perhaps time people understood (Score 0) 674

So a potential employer shouldn't be able to find out that this person is a sicko who wants to dominate, and probably would use company computers for his sexual pleasure and wife swapping and what not, but the guy who reveals them should never be hired again, because.... ???? because his moral views are ignorant? Does that have anything to do with job performance? Maybe he'll fight with the domination guru in the office. I think less of someone who wants to slap a collar around some screwed up woman than some infantile guy with nothing better to do with his time than this.... actually, guys with nothing to do with their time make pretty good system administrators. Hah!

It appears you've associated yourself with the domination crowd. I don't get you people sometimes. You're always sticking up for the trash with the privacy argument. Another post on slashdot right now about some anonymous transfer network being overwhelmingly used for trading child pornography, and you all are defending the pedo's. What gives? When are you going to come to grips with reality?

The guy will get sued and will declare bankruptcy. I'm sure at least one of these people he screwed has an army of lawyers in one hand, and that's what he deserves, in all honesty.

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