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Comment: Re:Hate It (Score 1) 201

by zaphod8829 (#38109318) Attached to: 'Arrested Development' Comes Exclusively To Netflix

I couldn't agree more. I hate it when I have the ability to choose which groups I give money to, and what they obtain/produce. It's so much better when you have the choice of only a few providers, each of which pumps tons of channels at you, most of which you wouldn't pay for if given the choice.

Netflix is becoming the equivalent of a channel at this point. They're stepping from the archive space into producing their own sitcom. It happens to be one I love dearly, and the last couple episodes clearly gave the impression that the actors wanted to find someone to do it. That part's just icing on the cake, though. I'm happy that a streaming service is actually paying for new content to be produced.

The FCC couldn't do it by mandating that satellite/cable/fiber optic/etc. television providers offer a la carte pricing. It looks like it's being done from the other side, though. The market is producing options for us. I'm happy about that.

Comment: Re:*BSD and Linux support EFI (Score 1) 532

by zaphod8829 (#32502468) Attached to: BIOS Will Be Dead In Three Years
It's also why you can install Linux. If you can get Linux to boot in pure EFI mode (i.e. without BIOS emulation), I'm interested to hear how. I went deep into this awhile back. Unfortunately, when Apple decided to go with EFI for its Intel Macs, the current EFI specification didn't meet all of their needs, so they added a few features, and standardized on that. Most non-Apple EFI hardware now uses the later EFI standard, which has those features, but in a way that is incompatible with Mac OS. The specific features escape me for the moment. There's also a question of 32-bit EFI vs. 64-bit EFI, which finally made me back down and give up. I had applied kernel patches, gotten an EFI version of GRUB, started digging deep in the EFI shell provided by rEFIt (bootloader for Macs), and I couldn't get anywhere. I gave up.

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