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Comment: Re:Poor sods (Score 1) 110 110

We still use the mile, and most market stalls still list prices in both kilograms and pounds. Measuring the weight of a person is still done in stone and pounds in the home in many cases. Some builders and estate agents still use feet and inches. So in reality us Brits have to be able to work with either system and be able to convert between them.

Comment: Re:Will they ever learn? (Score 1) 151 151

So true. I live in a cabled area, my choices are minimum 20Mbps cable with virgin media (after they go on their free doubling) or maximum 3.5Mbps with anyone else. But BT should be rolling out Infinity in my area soon too. But even with cable you still get your telephone services over a standard analog line.

Comment: Re:Will they ever learn? (Score 3, Interesting) 151 151

I know what you mean, but in the UK, BT were forced years ago to open their network to other providers, and on top of that the use of VoIP were eating into their traditional revenue streams. Are BT crying about it? No, they're implementing VoIP technology on their main network to reduce their running costs and are offering new, better and complimentary data, voice and management services to pick up an entirely new revenue stream.

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