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Comment: Very Useful (Score 3, Interesting) 139

by zamboni1138 (#48295701) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Useful Are DMARC and DKIM?

I have DKIM and SPF in place for a domain that needs to send out important emails. It is not that difficult to get in place (assuming you're already comfortable with DNS, SMTP, Public/Private key encryption and debugging email problems). Setting up OpenDKIM alongside a PostFix install is straight-forward. And you don't need to buy a Certificate from a CA to get it working for the public.

Google checks both the SPF and DKIM when receiving mail, and you can see the results their servers come up with in the header of the received mail. Your message will also display "signed-by: [domain.tld]" in the header details popup.

I have never seen or gotten reports of emails that pass both DKIM and SPF checks going into Google's "spam" folder or otherwise being delayed/redirected.

In short, I find it very useful to help assure my customers that data will be kept flowing properly, to the best of my ability anyway. Haven't looked into DMARC much.

Comment: Re:Changes require systematic, reliable evidence.. (Score 1) 336

by zamboni1138 (#48073349) Attached to: Why the FCC Will Probably Ignore the Public On Network Neutrality

When something is shipped via UPS, only one party pays UPS. Sure, sometimes the other party pays the first party so they can pay UPS, but UPS doesn't collect money for the same package from multiple parties.

Actually, this is no longer true, at least for the example you used with UPS. I recently placed an order with a company and selected the lowest/slowest level of shipping. I got an email a day later from UPS telling me that I had a package on the way via UPS Sure Post and an expected delivery date. The email also explained that if I wanted to get my package quicker I could upgrade it, while it's already en-route, to a higher level of service. UPS just needed a little more money. None of this had anything to do with the original company I ordered from.

I am not saying that this is how the internet should work now or in the future.

Comment: (Score 1) 145

by zamboni1138 (#47877347) Attached to: X-Class Solar Flare Coming Friday

I've never met a sysadmin that did have something to do most of the time. They'd probably just waste their free time doing something silly like playing tabletop games.

Or, PlanetSide 2.

As for the grandparent post, it appears to be holding up well. To everybody else, what an excellent time to check on the status of your routine system backups, disaster recovery plans and other such things that might come into play if/when this baby hits. Are you ready to lose power and/or telco?

+ - SpaceShipTwo Makes First Powered Flight

Submitted by zamboni1138
zamboni1138 (308944) writes "After years of design and development work SpaceShipTwo made it's first powered flight Monday morning over the Mojave Desert. The spacecraft was carried to launch altitude by WhiteKnightTwo, released and climbed to 56,000 feet during a 16-second burn. The craft was built by Scaled Composites for Virgin Galactic who plans to eventually start space tourism flights."

Comment: Way too little, way too late (Score 1) 130

by zamboni1138 (#39085921) Attached to: Apple Settles Antennagate Class-Action Lawsuit

Well thanks guys, but come on. $15 or a free bumper? After 18+ months?

I already got my free bumper just after I got my iPhone 4. It was, and still is, a piece of shit. It completely ruined the look and feel/smoothness of the phone, messed up the top jack so that the audio aux out to my car was useless and made getting the phone out of my pocket a nightmare. After a few days I ripped it off my iPhone and literally threw it out the window of my car in a fit of rage. It's in a ditch on the side of a country road. It played out like a scene from Penny Arcade.

Comment: Re:Is it feasible to bounce the beam off satelites (Score 1) 291

by zamboni1138 (#36521118) Attached to: Boeing's Enormous Navy Laser Cannon

Perhaps you could convert old school drive-in movie theater screens into reflectors.

Or better yet, adapt them into some kind of capacitor to store the laser energy until needed.

But you would need to be very careful with your targeting. I seem to remember an experiment in the mid '80s using similar, albeit much less advanced, technology that caused untold damage to at least one network's television relay satellite. The same incident reportedly destroyed or severely damaged several consumer televisions throughout North America.


+ - Bitcoin trading site compromised-> 3

Submitted by Beardydog
Beardydog (716221) writes "Bitcoin trading site has suspended operations for the rest of the day after illicit access to at least one account resulted in a steep drop in the price of Bitcoins on the site. Commenters to the support page for the event are reporting that a list of usernames and associated email addresses and password hashes have been posted online. MtGox are currently planning to roll back all of the day's trading, email notices to all affected users, and require replacement passwords for affected accounts."
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