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Comment SITREP (Score 1) 97

Markus and I are going to help prepare a new MIV for launch to intercept this "Comet Lovejoy" and claim it's alcohol and sugar for use in the Cloud Ark. We will need to reuse and tow the reactor from ymir, along with a full compliment of robots to handle all of the slave labor needed to adjust the orbit of this hunk of ice towards the Sun-Earth L1 la grange point. From there we use the alcohol to power the boosters around Old Earth into a high orbit towards Izzy. We can correct for everything bad that happens on the far side of the burn. Then it's 5,000 years old alcohol powered goodness.
Live long, Dr. Doob.

Comment Re:Moon as a gas station (Score 3) 194

Right, so engineer it to work on the Moon, and it will work just as well, if not better, on Mars. Yes, no?

Everything you listed, except for the gravity, appears to be a negative for the Moon when compared to Mars. You say "the list goes on and on", and I'm not going to argue that.

But is the Moon really such a terrible place that it deserves no further exploration, even if just a stepping stone to another world such as Mars?

Wouldn't you rather attempt to camp out in our own backyard for a little while, before we go out for the entire Wally World adventure?

Comment Re:Moon Zero? (Score 1) 147

I didn't mention Geeks, NASA or Star Wars. I didn't say NASA had to be behind any of this.

Yes, we have gone to the moon, stayed for a few days, and then come back, a handful of times over the course of a few years by a dozen humans almost half a century ago. Job well done, hats off.

So the next step is automatically Establish Base on Mars? Skipping the obvious step of Establish Base on Moon, after Establish Base in LEO (Low Earth Orbit)?

Is there truly nothing more to be learned from the Moon as either an extended mission deployment area, or for any scientific purpose?

Comment Not the beginning (Score 1) 319

The beginning was a while ago. When they started increasing commercials from two minutes two seconds up to three minutes, then three-and-a-half. I was trying to watch "Ray" on BET a few months ago, commercials were running past six minutes. A season of a TV series is 8-13 episodes now, not the 20-26 from decades past. There are no more real news programs. A few channels continue to pump out some good to excellent content, but you're paying a minimum of $100/month because you have to take the 80% of the bundle that you don't want.

I assume these numbers are from before the news about AT&T and DirecTV. I would expect the numbers to take a pretty significant dip right now, with people like me that just say fuck to AT&T. I would expect another series of significant dips after AT&T begins to truly work their magic on DirecTV customers. I can get most of the channels I want with the HBO package from Sling TV for $35/month, 25% of what I'm paying right now. And thanks to some helpful advice from a fellow slashdotter, any channel I can't get that has a series I like, I can buy an episode or season at a time from iTunes. So long, suckers.

Comment Re:NTSB fines? penalties? (Score 5, Informative) 83

No laws were broken. There is no way to levy a fine. The NTSB is not in the business of fining individuals or organizations for violating rules or laws. That's the job of the FAA and other various agencies that oversee road vehicles, trains, and boats.

The NTSB does their best to identify the probable cause(s) of the incident, what factors led up to that incident, and, most importantly, what measures to take to prevent any future incidents. It's up to agencies, like the FAA in this case, to implement suggestions from the NTSB.

In this case, most of the blame appears to fall on the FAA.

Comment Goodbye! (Score 4, Insightful) 100

Goodbye DirecTV/AT&T!

I'm not even going to wait for the first shoe to drop. I am now devoting some actual time to finding a valid replacement for DirecTV that will still give me access to all the shows I like: Mr. Robot, The Americans, Silicon Valley, Veep, Halt and Catch Fire, and various shows about catching gold and crabs. Right now Sling TV from Dish Network looks like the best offer.

But just fuck AT&T. I've been a customer at one level or another for going on two decades now. I thought DirecTV was a sneaky asshole with their never ending un-announced rate increases on everything for no good reason, hundreds of channel slots wasted on non-stop infomercials, shopping channels, etc.

I can't imagine what good ol' AT&T has in store for the millions of innocents that just want decent TV at a decent price. The horror.

Comment Thursday (Score 1) 99

Okay, so, first off.. Slashdot was broken all day, without explanation. My power went out at 1:52 this morning, perhaps related, perhaps not.

Second, they replaced her entire skull with a "3d printed titanium mesh skull", and she is "expected to make a full recovery"? What happens when this 3-year-old girl starts to grow?

As she continues to grow, the titanium implants will become surrounded by her own bone, which will lead to the strengthening of the top of her skull.

Yeah, but are they going to stretch and grow with the bone? Nobody appears to ask or know.

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