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Comment Re:Bodybuilding (Score 1) 148

First I've been body building for approximately 12 years for the first 8 I never used the fasting method and followed the usual high protein diet you see plastered all over the internet.. I can tell you when I stated the fasting I realised the high protein diet was completely unnecessary and I now spend my hard earned cash on better things, you do not need the protein the industry tries to make you believe in fact if you just eat regular healthy meals you will be more than fine even if your huge!. I fast for 24 hours followed by 24 hours of very light eating.. I do this to let my body know its about to have little to eat for a while! then the next 48 hours fast. I found it difficult at first when I started but after a few months it became as easy as skipping a meal. My body changed more after the fasting than it ever had in the previous 8 years of body-building, this is how I now it works. I went from 7% bfat to 4.2% I also put on over 1.2kg of muscle over the first two years. Even my hair got thicker, I had skin problems and it cleared up, my memory improved and I generally feel healthier. I'm never ill and I've not had as much as a common cold, I doubt it's all down to fasting but one thing for sure its made a huge difference to my well being and body! I still work out while fasting but I don't do the heavy stuff just keep it light and fast.. I like to believe the body thinks its hunting for fuel and is perhaps why it seems to go into overdrive! The day after I just eat what I always eat healthy food nothing special. I've also cut back on the amount of workout I need over the years as its all about maintaining for me now, I'm where I want to be.. you as about my workout regimen well I've found you can't follow anyone's and expect to get the same results its all down to your own body and needs.

Comment Re:Why Non-commercial? (Score 1) 65

I have one of these and I think it's the best product I've ever purchased would recommend them to just about anybody for all kinds of reasons not just gaming, a little on the pricey side yes, but to be honest I'd pay for another if anything happened to this one! I use it for gaming, field photography, reading e-books and even programming... fits right in my pocket and the battery lasts a heck of a long time.

Submission + - This Semiconductor Could Improve Vehicle Fuel Economy By 10 Percent

cartechboy writes: Automakers are scrambling to increase vehicle fuel economy every year as regulations increase, so when an automaker finds a way to possibly increase fuel economy by 10 percent with one new part, that gets some attention. Today that automaker is Toyota, and the part is a new semiconductor. Toyota's power control units (PCU) in its hybrids use semiconductors to govern the flow of electricity between the battery and the electric motor. Unfortunately, they're also an electrically restrictive component. Toyota says the PCU accounts for a quarter of the total electrical power losses in a hybrid drive system, and semiconductors alone make up a full fifth of the total. Reduce electrical losses through a semiconductor, and you can make your hybrid system (and therefore your car) more efficient. Toyota has done this, in theory at least, using a new silicon carbide material for its semiconductors, rather than a standard silicon unit. The future could be shaped by individual parts, and this new semiconductor tech is one piece of that puzzle.

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